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Coffee Stain on New Carpet!!

Help! On Saturday, my husband spilled a cup of coffee all over our new, light grey carpet. I tried treating it with Bissell's stain remover, but it didn't work and now we're left with a stain that looks like our pet peed on it! Does anyone have any tips that might work, please??

Dirt & Grass

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Good Laundry Detergent for Kids Dirt??

I have always bought liquid Tide for my family's laundry. It does a great job but is a bit expensive.. But now that I seem to do enough laundry for an army.. and I quit my job to stay home with the 2 kids... I was wondering if anyone had good experiences with another brand of laundry detergent... A cheaper brand that is great at getting out kid dirt.. The kids are little- so right now it is most spilled food taht I need to get out of clothes..


Ink Stains on Shirt

I'm sure this has been asked along the way, but I can't seem to find it...


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Stain on My Countertop!

I live in an apartment building, and there is a stain on the countertop, I need some advice to know if there is a way to get it out! What happened is that there was a red piece of contruction paper on the countertop (one of my daughter's pieces of artwork from daycare!). Well at some point, someone spilled something on the countertop, and it was not cleaned up right away. I was cleaning the kitchen this morning, and found the mess! And where the contruction paper got wet, there is a pink stain on the countertop! Can anything be done to get...


Grease on Cabinets

help!! I fried some potatoes in a deep frier and now i have grease spots on...

Marker, Crayon, or Ink

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Dry Erase Marker on the Wall

Does anyone know how to remove dry erase marker from the wall?! My four year old colored our kitchen wall with black dry erase marker!! We tried magic eraser and clorox wipes, but they did not take it off. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


Ink on the Couch...

So my 2 yr. "devil" wrote on my white leather couch with a pen. I have tired...


Ink Stains on Shirt

I'm sure this has been asked along the way, but I can't seem to find it...


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Dog Eating Cat Poop. Help Gross!

We have a 7 month old puppy who is very well behaved. My problem with her is she is a cat poop eater. I have never had a dog who eats cat poop. Is something wrong with her? Will she grow out of it? Anyway to stop her from this gross habit. She gets into the cats litterbox and then I find a litter trail throughout the house (gross) but she also finds the cat poop outside. The cat gets mad when she smells the dog has been in her box and will not go in there for a while (luckily for me she often goes outside) but I'm afraid she will start ...


Cat Urine in Carpet

Has anyone successfully used a certain product to get the cat pee smell from...


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Removal of Red Wine from Carpet

Help. Can anyone provide suggestions as to how to remove red wine stain from carpet? If you do, did you try it yourself and did it work? Right now we have salt over the stain and waiting for it to dry. Thanks. :(