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Getting A&D Ointment off Clothes, Hair, and the Smell Out of the House

My adorable 2 1/2 year old niece just emptied an entire tube of A&D ointment on herself. While mom and dad were talking in the other room, she squeezed it out and rubbed it all over herself - from head to toe. Dad gave her a bath and washed her hair, but my sister says that her hair is still really greasy and gross. Her clothes are stained. Also, the smell is so strong that when you walk in the house, you are immediately hit with it! Anyone have any recommendations for my sis? How do we get my niece's hair clean again? Any ideas to...


A&D Ointment in Hair

My 2 year old son got into the A&D ointment and decided it would make good...


INK Stain Removal?

Can you please tell me what I can use to remove a ink stain from my husbands...