Paint Pen Stain on White Carpet

Updated on January 25, 2011
K.S. asks from Lincoln, NE
10 answers

Our dog chewed up a childrens paint pen on our white carpet. I don't remember what brand it was (it was one I had never heard of before). The box said it is completely washable but it is not coming out of our carpet. I rented a rug doctor and applied the rug doctor stain spray. I shampooed it several times over 3 days. I've used 2 other carpet stain removers and vineger to no avail. Anybody have any other suggestions?

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answers from Minneapolis on

I keep a solution of 1 part Dawn liquid dish soap to 2 parts peroxide in a squirt bottle. I use it on carpet stains and stains on kids clothes as well. It's gotten out almost every stain I have ever used it on.
Before I knew about the dawn/peroxide mix, I did have an ink pen leak on the floor of my brand new home. I just had the carpet installer come in and cut a little square piece out and patch where the stain was.
Good luck!!

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answers from Green Bay on

Have you tried an Oxy product? I use a similar product from Shaklee and it has taken out everything from carpet, even printer ink!



answers from Honolulu on

Specialty pen stores... sell ink stain removers.

You need to use this type, of remover.
For pen ink.

Or, try rubbing alcohol.... dabbing it. Not 'rubbing' it.



answers from Minneapolis on

We've found great success with using Dawn dishwashing detergent right on the area we want clean.



answers from Minneapolis on

The stain might have already set, but there is a great carpet stain remover called "Tech" that I once used to remove ink from beige carpet (same chewed up a pen while I was dealing with colicky infant......quite a night that was). Hairspray can work on ink too. Otherwise, I think I would call a professional carpet cleaner.



answers from Minneapolis on

You could try peroxide - that is always my last ditch effort and it usually works. Sounds crazy - but it worked for us when we were ready to replace our carpet. Pour a bunch right on it.

We also use "Spot Shot" for a lot of stuff too - got out a huge red wine stain from our carpet. It is super toxic but it usually gets most stuff out. They sell it at Target. Good luck!


answers from Lincoln on

Goo Gone - you can get it at any hardware store.



answers from Dallas on

I have used sol u mel to remove many stains.



answers from Miami on

I once read that hairspray can help. try it on a small patch that cannot be seen and see if it works. I once did it for pen ink and it worked. Spray it on, and then wash off with water....

HTH. Jilly



answers from Appleton on

Hairspray takes out ink, spray then blot don't rub you may be spreading the stain if you rub. If that doesn't work try hand sanitizer, it is gelled rubbing alcohol and very effective on ink stains. If all else fails go to the store where you bought the pens and look at the box they come in. There should be a customer service number and company name on the box with a website. Contact the company and see if they can offer any suggestions to remove the stain.

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