Marker, Crayon, or Ink

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Removing Crayon and Marker from Walls

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

My son decided to color the living room wall with crayon and the toy room walls with marker. Does anyone know how to get Crayon and Marker off the walls? I tried ...


My Son Thinks He Is Harold and the Purple Crayon (Pen)

L.M. asks from Cleveland

i need to get pen marks off my walls!!! i have tried magic erasers but it take the paint off my walls.. (its flat paint) my two year old son think he is harold and th...


Ink Stains

J.G. asks from McAllen

Happy Holidays! I hope that you all are well. I wanted to see if anyone has any recomendations on how to get some red ink out of my husbands work shirts. This mornin...


Pen on Leather

T.D. asks from Denver

Hello everyone! My 2 year old son got a hold of a pen and "colored" on our tan leather couch. We have tried soap and water and all purpose cleaner and can't get it of...


Marker Stain!!!

R.C. asks from Tulsa

I have green marker on my carpet and I have tried oxywoolite carpet cleaner and it did not phase it HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


INK Stain Removal?

L.C. asks from Dallas

Can you please tell me what I can use to remove a ink stain from my husbands shirt? It has been washed but never dried. It did air dry but has not been through the dr...


Markers, Ink and Sometime Coloring Crayon Removal

P.W. asks from Gainesville

My daughter loves to write and draw and write... do you have a tried and true ink/marker and crayon remover from clothes, walls and furniture??


Black Permanent Ink Pen Stain

P.W. asks from Las Vegas

What can I use to get rid of this stain off my cotton shirt?



M.P. asks from Orlando

HELP! I need a remedy for getting ink out of clothes... Thanks