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Seeking Solutions for Grease Stains on Shirts

My son works as a server at a restaurant. He is provided only two shirts. Most of the the people he works with and himself have grease stains on the front of their shirts that they can't get out. Any laundrying ideas for this dilema? Thanks in advance I love mamasource.


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Cat Pee??? HELP!

I made the mistake of closing the closet where the litter box is located just for a few minutes while I cleaned the kitchen floor. I guess the cats needed to go and unfortunately found a place in the corner of my bedroom. I cleaned it up immediately, but, I think now the cat is starting to go there more often. It's not too bad, but, there is an odor. I have cleaned it w/vinegar/water, febreeze, and today, I steam cleaned the carpet in that area three times. All this started Monday, so I'm hoping to catch it early. Is there anything...


Cat Urine in Carpet

Has anyone successfully used a certain product to get the cat pee smell from...


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How Do I Battle a Stubborn Spaghetti Stain!!

Hi moms. My stain treating arsenal is well stocked and I've tried everything to get a sauce stain off a shirt. I tried soaking in oxy clean and hot water overnight, a long soak with resolve, shout, and plain ole laundering. Nothing seems to completely rid the stain. I cannot bleach the shirt. And yes...I use tide. I'm typically successful with my stain removal attempts, but this stain is as stubborn as they come. Any advice?