Looking for Reputable Mortgage Broker That You Have Used at Least Once

Updated on January 20, 2009
M.H. asks from Carrollton, TX
5 answers

We would like to talk to a broker about our refinancing options related to the recent rate drops. I am looking for someone who you have had do your own mortgage not someone who you work with on a business level. Full of integrity, experienced and knowledgeable should be words you would use for them. If they are pushy and condescending then don't recommend them no matter how good of a deal they got you.

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answers from Dallas on

We used Curtis Mortage in Denton when we bought our house. Before we went to them we went online and we were going to use Lending Tree or one of those. They totally screwed us and kept putting it off and finally we had only about a week and a half before we had to be out of our apartment (this is after giving 2 months notice, so the mortgage company had plenty of time to get thier act straight). Anyway, we finally got fed up with them and I asked my former boss for a recommendation. He told me Curtis Mortgage (I think the lady we worked with was named Vickie, but I don't know if she is still there or not). They were awesome! They got us qualified and got us a better deal than the online one and we were moved into our new house in a week and a half. She was very patient with us and very nice and honest. Not pushy at all. Even if she isn't there anymore, I would still recommend Curtis Mortage. I have known people who have used some of the other people who worked there and all have had good experience. They are honest people.



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I second Curtis Mortgage in Denton. Stacy Curstis is a VERY nice, honest, reliable guy. He did our home loan years ago. He has done all our family's business (and he's also my father's neighbor). Highly recommend.


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We have had good experiences with Guardian. We worked with Fran and I am not positive is she is there or not now.

They did a great job with our mortgage when we built this house. Shortly after rates looked great and we did a re-fi and paid down the mortgage.

In the end, we had done re-fi and pay down 4 times and are looking to do it again. Our rate right now is about 5 1/2 for 30 yrs. We do not roll any closing costs or anything else into the new loan, no escrow either. Instead we pay all those costs plus pay down the mortgage when we do this. As for escrow and insurance, we pay those bills yearly. No sense in a bank getting interest on my money...I'd rather do that!!!

We never felt pushed.....We are the type to tell them what we want and if they start wishy washing, we walk out. Got to be ready to walk and we have done that before (not with Guardian).



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Hi there, my recommendation would be for Jean Dees, founder of InTrust Mortgage. She sat my husband and I down and talked through our financial situation, long and short term goals, and what we were looking for in terms of real-estate as we prepared to buy our first home. She took excellent care of us and gave great advice and we intend to be lifelong customers of hers.




answers from Dallas on

You are describing Joanne Tucker, owner of Clarion Mortgage, to a "T". She did both of our mortgages and our refinance. She's done my best friend's mortgage and refinance, my brother-in-law's mortgage, and at least 4 of my co-workers' mortgages. We've heard nothing but glowing reviews of her services and there is no more honest person in this business anywhere in my opinion. She does not "advertise" and only gets business from personal referrals, which are many.

She's made every transaction we've ever had with her seamless. We know several couples who used other mortgage companies when buying or refinancing and not only did we get much better service and our experience was far less stressful, but our interest rate was way lower and we closed weeks earlier than our friends. I can't say exactly how your experience will go with any particular broker, but I can tell you that I will not plan to buy a home for my family in the DFW area without using Joanne. She is just that good to us!

Joanne's phone number is ###-###-#### and here's the link to her website: www.tnthomeloans.com.

Please do yourself a favor and at least visit the site. Give her a call and talk to her about your needs before you decide on who to go with. I feel certain you will agree she is EXACTLY what you are looking for. And feel free to tell her that I shared her information with you. I get NOTHING for referring you. I just believe in supporting the people and businesses that have been good to me and that I believe will be good to the people I refer.

Good luck! N. Martin in Hurst

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