Any Ideas on How to Sell a House Fast??

Updated on February 08, 2007
B.C. asks from Mansfield, TX
4 answers

Hello, Any ideas on how to get a house to sell fast, I am trying to help my sister try and sell her house quickly.. Her husband has already moved and she is staying here until their house sells. To make things more difficult she just found out she is pregnant, and it would be great for her to be able to move with her husband, especially at a special time like this...

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answers from Dallas on

In my opinion, the ONLY way to sell a house quickly is...

1) get a great Realtor
2) price it right for the market (which is usually less than your heart wants to hear)
3) keep it clean and fully furnished while on the market, or it could take FOREVER to sell!

Call April Pulliam, she is an awesome Realtor! ###-###-####

Good luck, the market is slow right now, so be prepared to take any reasonable offer.



answers from Dallas on

Dear Brandie,

The quickest way to sell a house is to sell it for 10-20% below market value and advertise it that way. My husband and I buy and sell real estate sometimes and thats what we look for. If you sell it at that price, and can show that you can get out fast, you don't need a realtor. In fact, investors prefer not to work with a realtor because they up the price. Also, for an investor to buy it its better that its empty.

Hope this helps.

A. S.



answers from Dallas on

Get a good realtor! we sold our house in a week! It also depends on how clean, decorated, etc... Also, this is not house selling time of the year (late spring into summer is best time) so it might take a while.



answers from Dallas on

What about having a professional come in like a decorator to move things around or add a few inexpensive touches to make the house sell quicker. My mom is an interior decorator and I know that she has helped in doing this with other people's houses. You can email me if you want her contact info.

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