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How to Sell a House?

My house has been up for sale since the beginning of March and I am starting to feel desperate! I know that it takes time and that this is not a good time to be selling, but I really need to sell my house! My husband has a great new job in Boise so he is living there and my children and I are still living in Pocatello until we can sell this house and buy a new one in Boise. The separation is making all of us miserable; my 5 year old was even worried that we might be getting divorced! We explained that we still love each other and WANT...

Realtor Referrals

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Realtor or No Realtor?

We are planning to try to sell our home this spring/summer. My husband and I have a difference of opinion about whether we should use a realtor or not. He feels like we shouldn't use a realtor....he wants to use one of those companies that for a small fee list your home on the MLS and take pictures and give you a sign, but that's it. He feels like we'll be giving away all of our profit if we have a realtor, which we could be using for a down payment on a new home. On the other hand, I feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to do the...


Real Estate Agent

Currently, I'm selling my home "for sale by owner"... does anyone know of an...