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Updated on March 25, 2015
C.S. asks from Salisbury, NC
12 answers

What are some good online real estate websites?

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answers from Nashville on

This is my favorite site. It can also be used to look up property taxes, owners, etc.

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answers from Denver on

Zillow, yahoo real estate, google real estate,, to name a few :) and to get a better idea of actual property values check the local county assessors website, most do searches by address. GL!

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answers from Knoxville on

If you are looking in TN this is the website the realiters use.

Not sure if this info will help you but good luck



answers from Dallas on

I use

Good luck,




answers from Orlando on

Your best bet is to contact a local real estate agent (local to the area where you want to move). Once I picked an agent, I told her all of the things I wanted and didn't want in a house and the basic radius I was looking at and she would send me emails with houses that fit my criterea.

I looked at other answers below and saw that people suggested zillow. I can tell you that it's not always very accurate. The last house I lived in, zillow listed it as a 3BR when it actually had 4, and 2.5 bathrooms when it actually had 2. For the current house I am in, if you put in my address, zillow shows you my neighbor's house, which is a completely different floor plan than mine. I don't how accurate other websites are, too. Stick with a human realtor.


answers from Boston on

I believe is nation wide. I know here in Ma. when realtors list anything in MLS (the realtors inventory site) it pulls automatically into



answers from Pittsburgh on allows you to search by zip code.



answers from El Paso on

I am a Realtor and I believe the best thing to do is find a Realtor in the area you are moving to. We have the resources that general public don't. We can tell you if it is priced well, problems to the property that has been disclosed, and also we can help you with your financing options. is also an excellent website, but you might find that some of the properties you look at are under contract. If you need any help at finding a good Realtor, let me know. We have offices all over and I can definitely help you with that. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions!! Blessings to you!!

Corissa Bell
Century 21 The Edge
[email protected]



answers from Philadelphia on

I am a real estate agent in the Philadelphia Area. My website is If you search there you will see all homes listed in the Philadelphia/Main Line/Delaware, Montgomery Chester Counties.
Zillow's home prices vary at least by 20%. is accurate as they pull from the MLS site.
The best thing to do is find a good Realtor. Someone you are comfortable with because we have access to homes listed and also coming onto the market. If you are not in my area I am happy to refer you to someone within my company in that area.
If anyone needs advice, I am never too busy to help you.
[email protected]



answers from Nashville on

It depends where you live. For Tennessee, the best one I know is



answers from Albuquerque on

I second

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