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Updated on March 19, 2008
B.R. asks from Saint Peters, MO
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Hi, My name is B. and I recently found out that my 11 year old daughter needs surgery done on her feet. She has been complaining quite a bit, of her feet hurting her, mostly in the evenings, after a long day at school and other activities. Her big toe is growing inward, towards her long toe, to the point, she can actually cross her toes without using her hand to place it there. Due to the ackward growth of her big toe,it is causing hammertoe in her long toe. It is also causing her problems with her bunions. The podiatrist explained that she will need to have some of her bunion cut off as well as cutting in to her big toe to make it parallel with the rest of them, releiving some of the pressure on her long toe to keep the hammertoe from getting worse. I hope I am making sense here. I am worried about her having this done and wonder if anyone has had anything similar done. They will be inserting screws in her big toes to keep them in place. My fear is that she may have more pain from having foreign objects in her feet than what she is having now. Not to mention, the surgery. They will only perform on one foot at a time, for fear of infection afterwards. So anyways, if anyone has had anything like this, I would greatly appreciate all the advice I can get before scheduling this appointment. Thank you

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answers from St. Louis on

I had a bunion taken down and they had to use screws to put the bones in my toe back together, you dont feel the screws. There can be numbness for awhile after, I felt numbness in my big toe for many years after the surgery, but it finally went away, and its normal to have numbness. The surgery went great and the recovery time was quick. Better to have it done now than to wait, the foot could get worse and it would stop her from being a kid.



answers from St. Louis on

First for your daughter-if you do the surgery be sure to tell her all the time how brave she is and how beautiful her feet will be and feel when all this is done. Yes it will most likely hurt but all us girls have lots of pain to make us the best we can be. Most schools provide some help for the kids that have had some surgeries. ( I aided a little girl that had hip surgery in the second grade and the whole year she used a wheel chair and then when it was time she started her thrapy and now walks and runs like nothing ever happened) There were lots of tears along the way but all the support made it easier to go through. Now for you school is great! Most universities have a study where you can be versed in all subjects-often called university studies, then face it in this world we have to get a job to pay our way so if you like to do something find out what classes might be in that direction or may lend to somewhere you want to be. Both of be brave and go for it-all of it! I went back to school after 35 years and loved it more the second time around and now have a bachelors degree to enjoy as well. It applied to what I do now but was not the same field.



answers from Kansas City on

My 10 year old son was injured during delivery in a way that paralyzed his left arm. He had his first surgery at 5 months which was the first of 9 so far. His last surgery placed a metal plate and screws in his humerus. That was almost two years ago now and he's had no problems. His teacher at the time called him Superman "the man of steel". I encourage you to have a pre-op tour and allow your daughter to see the rooms and know the processes before the surgery.



answers from Laredo on

My sister had bunion/toe surgery in HS, and the only thing I remember her complaining about was being unable to scratch the itches inside her cast. Feet are too important to put up with constant pain, so I would vote for surgery. Good luck!!

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