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Updated on April 21, 2013
M.F. asks from Palmdale, CA
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Hello Moms, I had my bunion removed almost 3 weeks ago and I was wondering is anyhody has any feedback . I'm just wondering how long am I gonna have to wear this walking boot and how long did it take to be able to move your toe. Just lil things like that would help me a lot. Hopefully gives me a little bit of hope. I do realize all people and surgeries are different but just to get an idea. You know????? Thank you so much ahead of time for your time. God bless.:)

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So What Happened?

He says its hard to say since everybody heals and reacts different which I know so already. But I was just hoping to know about other peoples experience not medical advice. But thank you for your time.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I had that done to both feet at the same time. I am ready to have the left foot done again.

My doctor moved my toe for me. He walked in and said "How are you doing" as he grabbed my toes and pulled them back.

I was pissed, but they do have to move or they lock up.

What did your doctor tell you? I walked on my feet right after surgery. It wasn't easy, but he did not allow me to stay off of them. Two weeks later, I flew to Arizona to be with my husband.

I stayed out of work for 4 - 5 weeks and was able to move to a very flexible cloth like show. My feet were very swollen for about 6 - 7 weeks. Eventually I could wear tennis shoes, but could not lace them.

I think the next surgery I will go to UCLA because I have nerve damage after my back surgery.

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answers from Houston on

Of course she is gonna ask her doctor but she also wants lay advice.

I had both feet done when I was in my 20s--poor result because I rushed back into heels. Now, I am 54 and had the right one done in January. I am taking it much slower now. I wear a toe seperater day and night and the surgeon says to do it for a year. I also have thrown out all MEAN, pointy, high heeled shoes! I am NEVER doing that to my feet again! Good luck--don't rush out of your boot!

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answers from Portland on

I urge you to call your doctor to answer these questions. He knows what the surgery entailed and how it's likely to play out. I'm surprised he hasn't already given you this information.

After your SWH. He still should have given you a range of time. I've had several surgeries and the surgeon has always said I would be able to do certain things in 4-6 weeks, for example.

Hopefully someone on this site will have had bunyon surgery. I think it's probably not too common. My aunt had one removed but I don't remember how long it took to heal.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm sorry - I've never had a bunion removed. What does your podiatrist say? I would guesstimate that it depends upon your age, how well you are following doctor's orders and how your body heals.

the one person I know who had a bunion removed was in the boot for 5 weeks maybe six. It's been a LONG time.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Six-weeks and you should be doing pretty well. I had mine done about 11 years ago, with removal of a nerve on the other side of my foot. They gave me electric therapy to do at home, and I did PT for 5-6 weeks. I've had no problems and am still happy with the result.



answers from Los Angeles on

I had bunion surgery a few years ago. I was in the boot around 3 weeks & was then in a special shoe for about 3 more weeks. I was able to drive a month after the surgery. The doctor hopefully has you pulling back on your toes to help break up the scar tissue. Even though pulling back on the toes hurts (a lot) do it as it will increase your range of motion as you heal. I feel like it took a good year and a half for me to heal. Good luck and be patient.

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