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Updated on May 20, 2013
M.M. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hello Mamas!

I will be having a Bunion Surgery in a couple of months and will like your opinions about it. I have a couple of people tell me the recovery is very long, that it really takes like 6 months to REALLY recover from that surgery and is very painful the recovery. In the other hand, my doctor said that it only takes like 6 weeks to recover. What are your thoughts? I will like some testimonies from other people that already have gone thru this. Does it really hurts? The recovery is not really 6 weeks?


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answers from Dallas on

Hey M.,
I just had my right foot done in October (in Denton) and I love the results; no more pain wearing cute shoes!!! The recovery took about 6 weeks. I was in a walking shoe immediately but I chose to use crutches because it hurt to walk. You literally just have to sit there and keep it up for a couple of weeks. My parents came in to help take care of my kids. Definitely stay on top of the pain meds. I will say, the pain meds plus the sitting around wreak havoc with constipation issues so you may want to be prepared for that. Good luck with your surgery! Let me know if you have any questions. I also took some before and after pics if you're interested.

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answers from New York on

I had mine done a couple years ago. Bone spur taken off the top of my foot - the main problem - and they fixed the bunion while in there because my doctor pointed out that even though it didn't hurt yet I sure wouldn't want to have foot surgery and then have it AGAIN a couple years later if the bunion became a problem. His advice to me was that if I could totally stay off that foot for a full three days (except for hobbling to the bathroom) it would be a MUCH easier recovery. And it was. I had crutches of course and the boot for a few weeks, but the timeframe was more the 6 weeks not 6 months example. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I've had both of my feet done (at 2 different times with 2 different doctors). For one foot I was in a cast. The other one I was not in a cast but was expected to maintain non weight bearing status for 6-8 weeks (hard to do with a one year old.) The immediate post op recovery IS painful (they are breaking and resetting a bone!). I was prone to swelling for a good while and would need to rest and elevate my foot to reduce swelling. I can recall recooperating on the sofa when the OJ Simpson verdict came back (Oct 1995). At Christmas time, a friend asked me to help during the holiday rush at her families' business requiring a lot of standing. I was miserable due to a good amount of pain and swelling. I thought I could handle it because I had been back to work for quite awhile and I was fine, that is, until the prolonged standing. I wore sensible shoes for a long time. I wasn't able to get into more narrow, fancy shoes for almost one year after surgery.

Although I must say, that it was worth every ounce of pain and discomfort. I can remember my feet just aching constantly due to my bunions. It was the best decision I made. I can't imagine having that sort of pain now. If your feet hurt, your whole body hurts.

Good luck! If I can help any further, send me a message.

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answers from Miami on

I have not had it, but when my husband went to the doctor about his (and the doc said his bunion wasn't bad enough to go through the surgery), he told him that what is REALLY important is that he stay off that foot for 6 weeks. Above all else, I would do this.

Also, make sure you know that your surgeon has done this surgery A LOT.

Good luck - hope you will be okay through this!

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answers from Portland on

My aged mom had a surgery on her bunion and was back on her feet within a week. It was extremely painful for about 3 days, then became noticeably easier by the day.

My husband had a very similar surgery two months ago, but the excess bone that was removed was on the top rather than the side of the joint. He was walking straight out of the hospital, with less pain than before the surgery.

There are different degrees of correction, though, and so each surgery is somewhat unique. And so are patients. I hope yours goes easily. TIP: Get yourself a post-surgical boot that allows you to surround your foot with ice water. VERY helpful – according to both mom and husb, better than pain-killers.

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answers from Charlottesville on

My brother had to have that surgery as an mid-teen. He was 15 or 16, they checked that he was fully grown before doing it, and while it seemed tough I don't think it took 6 months for him to heal. He was off his crutches after the cast came off (he had a pin through his foot area there). I'm thinking it was about 2 months and then he was back to it all for the most part.

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answers from Houston on

I just had my second this past January. The first was when I was 23ish. I hurried back into bad high heeled shoes and the bunion returned. Now, I am 54 and wearing old lady shoes in order to NEVER have to repeat this.

I had it January 15 and was back teaching dance March 1. The pain from the stitches on my skin rubbing is worse than the healing of the bunionectomy.



answers from Dallas on

Hello. First of all I want to stay that it will be so worth it, but it does intail a lot of pain. Or at least in my opinion it did. I had mine when I was 27 and my first little one was four months old. The pain when I walked was awful on one foot, so I opted for the surgery. It was very painful but as long as you take your pain meds you will be fine. I ended up getting an infection somehow the first few days and that was almost unbarable, but once I went in for my first checkup after surgery they fixed the problem.
They said sometimes peoples bodies try to reject the screws that they use, or so they said. With some medicine it cleared right up. Like I said at the beginning, it will be so worth it. I had to wear an ugly a** shoe for 6 weeks and I did use crutches (which I was awful at) for about 3 weeks. I will be getting my other foot done this fall and am not looking forward to it. I can say that you can wear whatever shoes you want once you have healed from the surgery and you will be pain free. I think it probably took almost a year for my foot to be back to perfect. I exercise and consideration myself in pretty good shape. It just depends on the person. Good Luck!

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