My Baby Girl Have a Callus on the Sole of Her Foot

Updated on July 27, 2010
M.B. asks from San Antonio, TX
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hallo mamas,
i recently noticed that my baby had a callus on the sole of her right foot and i am concerned about it. I have no idea if the shoes are causing it or something else. It doesn't seems to bother her or hurt her. Please advise what to do about that. Do i need to put any ountment, to buy her new shoes? Please advise for a good brand baby shoes, she is 28 months old and wearing number 8 shoes.

Thank you.

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answers from Seattle on

I thought my 4 year old have a callus or corn and treated as such only to find out it was a wart. I didn't look like a wart but after a few weeks it did begin to get bigger and I could see it was not a corn. I would take her to the doctor just to make sure it isn't something else. My doctor said some kids get warts very easily and she is the only one in the family that has ever gotten one so I had no idea that was what it was because it looked so different to me. Good luck and hopefully it is something very easy to get rid of.

Oh and the wart did not cause my daughter any pain so don't let that stop you from having your doctor take a look at it. The longer she has it the hard it is to get rid of it. I've been working on my daughters for 3 months now.

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answers from Portland on

My daughter had a little callous on the bottom of her foot when she was 6 and it bothered her. It was really a plantar wart. I used an over the counter plantar wart remover at bed time for a week or so and it went away.

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answers from Portland on

I've had difficulty with my feet because of a condition called Morton's Toe. I have callouses and when I was a child much pain in my feet and legs. You can get info on that from the Internet by Googling that term.

My granddaughter has callouses because her ankles turn in causing her foots arch to rub against her shoes. She has them on both feet. Her mother has finally agreed to let me take her to a podiatrist for an evaluation.

I can't adequately answer that question unless I know where the callous is. Is it on a place that her shoes rub? For example on the outer or inner edge of the ball of her foot. If so, the shoes don't fit properly. They may be too small or too large in width. A callous frequently does not cause pain but there is frequently pain before the callous forms. Whether or not she needs different shoes feels uncertain to me. I'd be sure to check for proper fit when buying her new shoes but suggest that it might be OK to wait until she outgrows these if her feet are growing.

If it's under the ball of her foot it may mean that she has a condition related to Morton's Toe. If she doesn't complain of pain then you' wouldn't need to do anything about it except be aware that if she has pain in her foot or legs it would help to have her see a podiatrist.

If the callous is on her heel, it may be that her foot slides too much in her shoes.

Or the callous may be caused by something she does repeatedly when she's not wearing her shoes.

You don't need to put anything on it if it's not causing pain. Lotion, cream won't take away the callous.

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