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Updated on March 27, 2011
R.M. asks from Evanston, IL
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Anyone have an awesome way that they organize their kid's legos??? My son has probably 30 pounds of legos, and of course he is always dumping out whole tubs of them to find certain pieces etc. Do you organize them in any certain way or just pile them into a container? Thx!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My husbands collection, yes, all the way from the very first set he ever got as a child, is divided by color, and some specialty styles into tubs of various sizes. The all go on a shelf and when he is building something with the kids he can open any given tub and pull out the exact piece he needs.

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answers from Augusta on

we have a set of plastic drawers for our legos.
it's 5 drawers tall , three short drawers used for ongoing projects , instruction manuals, and specialized pieces ( bases , large pieces) and two large drawers for everything else.
Then I have another clear tackle box/craft divided organizer type box with small pieces ( people parts, wheels, tires , axles, etc)
They don't all stay separated but it is a good way to keep those pieces out of the general lego drawers.

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answers from Honolulu on

You can have plastic bins.

You can, depending on how old he is, teach him to put the pieces in them according to category.
If he cannot do this, then YOU will be the one to do it.

And no matter what, a kid will DUMP them all over the place to look for a certain piece.
Thus, even if you organize them, the pieces WILL get, all mixed up. Every darn day.

My kids have TONS of Legos.
That is what I do.



answers from Boston on

Everytime we try to organize legos they just get dumped back into a big container.


answers from Washington DC on

No matter what I did, they dumped them all out...
Eventually they will make things and then play with those things for a while, so you'll only have to deal with the mess once in a while instead of all the time...



answers from Los Angeles on

Oh the Lego question.....
Big Bins.
Teach him to pour the stuff out on a blanket or sheet.
Come pick up time, four courners together - drop two in the bin - voila.
Ofcourse - we have some stray pieces that always end up outside of the blanket - for that we use a beach sand showel - model VERY large.
Easy peasy...
Ofcourse - I usually end up picking them up - but what else is new?



answers from Pittsburgh on

Big containers-but the low ones that are clear.


answers from Milwaukee on

My hubby and daughter both have a plastic tool box full of legos. It is nice since it has a decent handle on it so easy to carry around and the cover always stays shut. Most kids (and my hubby) are fine with everything piled into one large container.

When I was younger, had my own legos, and I loved to have everything super organized. I had a tackle box and those craft boxes that had divided sections. Colors, length, shape, and so on were all sorted. Now most kids are not like that, so unless your son likes and will keep them orgnaized I would just go with a big bin or plastic tool box to throw them in.



answers from San Diego on

Hi Robyn I have a lot of legos in my daycare, but what i have done is have one bucket available, I have a lego table and the bucket fits in the table, the rest I have in drawstring toy bags that I made and I have more in a lego zipper bag, i just don't make them all available at one time. J.



answers from Minneapolis on

I just bought a big plastic container to keep it all in that I can store in his closet. I sort some specialty pieces into ziploc bags. Every once in a while we'll go through them and sort otherwise he just throws everything in the bin and puts it in the closet. At least it's all in one place.



answers from Sacramento on

Our son has huge bins of Legos. We tried various sorters but ultimately, he'd just dump everything in a big pile again. What has helped with cleanup is to set out sheets on his floor, so that when he dumps the Legos there, we can just lift up the sheet and empty things back into the bin.


answers from Columbus on

Not sure I have a good organizer idea, but my son has two big tubs (clear) that he had Legos in. He pretty much has his "favorites" that he keeps in a smaller tote. I've also tried to sort and match them, but that lasted , oh, about, a day:( He also has a sorter, that has different sized slats or squares. He can dump legos in it and the smaller ones filter down to the bottom. It works well, but it's only about 10x10, so if a whole tote needed to be dumped and sorted, it would take a while. I wish you luck!!!!

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