Toy Ideas for 1 Year Old

Updated on October 04, 2010
J.P. asks from North Anson, ME
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My daughter's birthday is coming up, and I am trying to think of a good idea for a toy for her. I want to get a good interactive toy, something we can play with together. And something she isn't going to out grow in the snap of a finger... any ideas? --- I am not one to say she can't play with "boy" toys either...

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answers from Detroit on

At that age, my daughter liked alphabet letter magnets, blocks in different shapes that she would put into a bucket and dump out again, and wooden puzzles with big knobs on the pieces. She also liked anything that she could stack. And the toys that have beads on wires that she could slide around. My mother also got her the Busy Ball Popper for Christmas (I think it's made by Preskool) and she loved that. And she still plays with her Fisher Price Farm.

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answers from Dallas on

It could just be my son, but he really doesn't care for "interactive" toys. He really likes toys that have open-ended play. He is 16 months now, but from one until now...he like pots and pans, fruits and veggie toys for the pots, balls, laminated flash cards (they are abc, but he really just likes looking at them!), he loves putting things in boxes and bags (like "fill and spill" toys.), finger paints, books, etc. He gets bored with interactive toys quickly. He finds more enjoyment in toys, that he can really use his imagination. We play together a lot, I kind of just take his lead.

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answers from Denver on

Congrats on the First year! Our daughter just turned one and is in love with a few gifts she got:
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set (too cute & so much fun)
Fisher Price Pretty Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank
Manhattan Toy Baby Stella (she loves playing with this doll, perfect size and many great accessories to buy as future gifts--best part machine wash/dryable!)

Have fun celebrating!

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answers from Hartford on

Oh my!! I remember those days so fondly--both the trying to figure out what to get and upon realizing how easy it is, getting those things and enjoying life with my 1 year olds!

Anyway, it really is easy. Something to think about would be kitchen utensils. Sounds too simple, huh? I went out and purchased wooden spoons of all kinds/sizes, plastic measuring cup sets, plastic measuring spoons, plastic ice cream scoop, and stuff like that. She loved it! Not only that, as the years have passed, and we added another child, the collection has grown and they both continue to play with it at ages 6 and 3!

Don't underestimate washable crayons and a pad of paper/coloring book. Let her imagination lead her, don't really give her direction.

Another great gift at that age was this mid-sized plastic dump truck. Again, both girls still play with it through their travels.

My mom bought them a leap frog story-telling device. I know people who have sworn by them, but my kids were never interested--and the older daughter is a true bookworm in every sense at this point.

Both of our kids love their Weebles and treehouse and still play with them. By having a number of weebles, you can together create stories/scenarios and let your child lead.

Anything that she can manipulate with her hands is really your best bet. She is at an age where she wants to create--anything that you can get to help encourage that will be a winner.

Good luck to you! And, congratulations on *your* first birthday!

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

My daughter loved her fisher-price laugh & learn farm. She probably played with it everyday, my neighbor has the one that is a house and she loved playing with theirs as well. It's definelty interactive and something you could play with her as well.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I haven't read any other answers yet.
Just wanted to say that my child, at that age,
had more fun with an empty box that with any manufactured toy.
He could climb into and out of,
could hide under,
could put stuff into and drag it around,
could make funny noises inside and enjoy the resonance.
Not recommending . . . just saying.

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answers from Boston on

My daughter really liked a leap frog toy she received for her 1st birthday. It's a barn with different animal pieces that makes the animal noises and plays songs too. It sticks to the fridge and so far she hasn't grown tired of it. She also has a large lego-like block set she likes stacking and knocking down anything mom builds. And as others have mentioned, pots and pans are always fun too.



answers from Springfield on

These grow with the child and she will use this for years! And it is very affordable and made from natural materials. As she gets older and begins to walk, she will push it, load it up, unload it, put her dolls in it...

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