Updated on November 05, 2010
P.B. asks from Warrenville, IL
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Hi! We are looking into buying Legos, and I was wondering where have you found Legos at a good price? I was surprised at how expensive they are in the stores. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Dallas on

They are expensive! My girls got interested in them over the summer and all they had were the duplo blocks. I bought them some regular legos on ebay at a great price. You can find them in bulk on Ebay for a huge discount. I have bought them one set so far for about 15.00 and we got quite a bit. I plan to buy them one more "lot" for Christmas.

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answers from Dallas on

Go online and see what they have at I know the Dallas area has a Lego store.

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answers from Washington DC on

Lego prices are nuts, but every year I dish out too much for another creation my son will enjoy for a long time.
He is the type that keeps all his together in their same box. He doesn't mix his Indiana Jones with Harry Potters.
You can go to the thrift stores but I do urge caution when buying sets as most of the ones at a Goodwill will most likely be missing pertinent pieces.
We get ours at Walmart or Target and I also tell the Grandmas that Legos are the IT toy. That way they don't really have to think.



answers from Chicago on

Watch toys r us--they will do buy one get one free before x-mas

Also, check places like craigslist-used legos work the same

Good luck


answers from St. Louis on

I purchased our's at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. You can also try ebay if you aren't looking for sets just legos to build with.



answers from Chicago on my kids love fisher price trios too



answers from Chicago on

Aldi has them now for a limited time. Check America's Best Train & Hobby in Itasca next to the Holiday Inn.
Happy shopping.



answers from Chicago on

Watch for sales. Toys R U frequently has buy one get one half off etc. They are also a few dollars off frequently at Target/



answers from Madison on

Second-hand (thrift) store and Craigslist.

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