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Updated on June 26, 2011
D.K. asks from Richmond, IN
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Hi Mamas,

At what age did you let your child move from the Duplo building blocks to regular Lego blocks? I have seen some sets that say 4+. Did you let your child play with regular blocks as soon as they turned 4 or did you wait a little? My son loves the Duplo blocks. We have been given many of the Duplo sets. They are one of his favorite toys, but he has just recently started to try making more complicated things. He can build cars, trucks and airplanes now with the Duplo blocks. He also loves making houses and other buildings, but gets frustrated and often asks for help with the bigger projects. My husband has wanted to give him a set of regular Legos since his third birthday. The sets we can get in Japan have an age recommendation of 3 for the same sets that I checked on Amazon as listed for 4+. I refused for his third birthday. Have any of you mamas given your child a set of regular Legos for their 4th birthday? How did your child like playing with them? Thanks for your input.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The reason Lego's have 4 and up on them is because many child care facilities can't allow them due to state regulations regarding choke hazards and any toy fitting through the tube of the toilet paper. Lego's fall through, hot wheels cars fall through, marbles, raisins, grapes, some puzzle pieces, so many different toys they just can't be named/listed here.

If he is ready for them and doesn't chew on toys then let him have them for special time play for dad and son. They can be put up except when dad and son are going to play together.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think my son was 4 years old when we started giving him regular legos. My daughter has been playing with regular legos with her brother since she was 3 years old. She will still play with the duplos too.

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answers from Honolulu on

They have to say 4 + by federal law because some 3 year olds (like my son) still try to eat everything. If he is past the "lets see what THAT tastes like" thing, it is likely safe.

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answers from Washington DC on

Since my oldest got his first Lego set at about 6 the younger ones have always had them. By three they were not eating them.
So 4 is a prefect age unless he still eats small things.
Now my youngest never really enjoyed the Lego's until about 7. THen he couldnt' leave them and we have since had elaborate structures that we are not allowed to tear down, he is now 10.
Lego's stay in his room, if they are in the living room they become dogfood. :o) I have a Beagle who chews everything.

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answers from Columbus on

I agree with the other mamas that 4 is a great age to start with regular Legos, not Duplo. One additional piece of advice I might add is to pay close attention to the age range of the set. My son will be 5 in August, and we tried giving him a set for ages 6 and up, and it did nothing but frustrate him--he couldn't quite grasp some of the instructions without a lot of help. The sets labeled 4+ were perfect, though, so I think Lego really knows what they are doing with the age ranges for sets. Enjoy the Legos--they are truly an awesome toy!

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answers from Boston on

As long as he isn't still putting things in his mouth all the time he will be fine. My now 4 yr old was using legos at 3 because of his big brothers.

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answers from Honolulu on

My son, has never used Duplo blocks, nor liked it.
He just liked the regular Legos.
Since he was 2-3, he has played with regular Legos. Partly as well, because my daughter who is currently 8, has the regular Legos and they play with it together.

But with my son, I do not have to worry about him mouthing it.
My son would just construct things with it. Anything in his imagination.
He just would need help sometimes, pulling some apart.

He also has the sets, that build like Star Wars ships, or vehicles, etc. And I put it together for him, since it is complicated to put together. But as I construct it, I glue it together with super glue. Then it does not come apart and the pieces do not get lost.

My son, is currently 4 years old.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

He is absolutely ready now! My son was building the real models at that age with a little help from me. Once he got the hang of it he quickly progressed to the ones for the much older kids. I would start out with a mosel that says 5 or 6 years and up. Maybe one of the toy story ones-they seem a little more straightforward.

Legos are one of the best, if not THE best toys out there for kids. It teaches so much -everything from following directions to hand eye coordination to creativity. Even though they are expensive this is one thing I never said no to.

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answers from Dallas on

For your sake try something else to entertain! They are such a pain! Not to mention annoying to pick up. I still step on little lego pieces when I go to my mothers house and they are from my brother 4 years ago. She is a clean freak and vacuums at least 4 times a week but the little bitty pieces for the people attachments get stuck down deep in carpet.



answers from Detroit on

As long as he is not apt to stick things in his mouth, he should be okay. My daughter was never prone to putting things in her mouth that didn't belong so at a younger age for her I would not have been too worried. We still waited because there was no reason not to but she's always been really good about stuff like that. Her same-age cousin on the other hand would put anything and everything in her mouth so her parents had to be a lot more careful with her and what she was allowed to have.



answers from Cleveland on

I don't think it matters what the package says, you need to buy based on your child. What is difficult for one will not be the same for all. Does he have good dexterity? Can he play with small pieces without getting easily frustrated? I bought a small Lego set for our nephew for his fourth birthday, and according to his mom, he was having a wonderful time with it. Of course, he's always been very mechanically minded and patient (and pretty brilliant, too). Even my 2-year old plays with regular Legos (mostly already built into trucks or houses though, he doesn't build much himself yet).
Of course, you could always buy the blocks, and if they are too difficult for him or cause him to get upset, couldn't you just put them away and bring them back out when he's older?



answers from Columbus on

My older son has been playing with the tiny lego sets since he was 2-1/2. he is very good at making things with them and has never needed supervison with them. Just get a small set at first, we got a small car, and once we put it together, he played with it for a couple of days and then took it all apart and made something of his own. It really allows creativity and imagination to develop. Now every time we get another set, he does the same thing- a few days as the toy it is, then mixes all the parts together to make completely new toys. He will tell us which parts came from which toy too. He knows the orange ones are from his tow truck and the red ones from the firetruck, etc.
Keep your eye on him with his first set, he will show you how he is going to be with them. I bet he is super excited to know he is a big boy and can play with the smaller set!
Good Luck!


answers from Columbus on

My son has used regular legos since he was 2.5 and played with them at a cousin's house. I knew I had to buy some for home, because they build lego houses for about 6 hours straight. As long as your son doesn't eat them, it'll be fine. It's more of a brain builder anyway!


answers from Milwaukee on

My daughter was a few months shy of 4 years when my hubby brought out HIS legos and played with her. For my daughter's 4th birthday she got her own regular lego blocks. My daughter was ready for it, not putting things in her mouth at this point and she really enjoys building with them. At first it was just matching colors, stacking them, but around 4 1/2 years she started to build things. I think it helps if an adult or older child is also playing because you can show what can be done with them, then again I think it starts to come naturally after awhile.



answers from Charlotte on


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