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OUTRAGED. Help Explain This to Me... Any Target Employees Here, Btw?

I like Target, so this isn't a bash to them or anything... Okay, I was just at Target an hour ago. While I was in line, I notice the lady in front of me is totally stealing bottles of wine (hidden in the baby stroller). I tell the cashier that just rung her stuff up, that she has unpaid merchandise in her stroller. She's still there, getting her stuff situated in her purse and stroller. She didn't hear me talking to him, but she was right there- not going anywhere yet. I pointed to the stuff she hid- he definitely saw it. The...


Starting a Budget

Hello! I'm a sahm whose looking for some good suggestions on how to do a...


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Experiences at Target

I just had an awful experience at Target this past weekend. I was trying to return stuff I had gotten from my baby shower and spent an hour at the customer service desk trying to match gift reciepts with the items I was returning and then had over 10 items that I didn't have reciepts for that they would not let me return even for store credit!! I was told I could pick 2 (A YEAR) to get store credit for with my drivers license or I could exchange the items for like items of the exact same price from the same department! So bath stuff I...


Target Photo Studio

This is just a FYI for all the Mom that live in the Lewisville/Flower Mound...


Target Brand Diapers

We have been using Huggies Little movers exclusively for about 6 months. I...