Budget: Teddy Bears

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Tween Gifts for Friends - Budget?

Do your tween girls exchange gifts with their friends? What is the budget? How many friends do they exchange gifts with? I have a 7th grade, 12 year old daughter. We moved from a big city to a smaller town a year ago and it took her a while to find friends. Even though middle school can be full of cliques.... my daughter established a wide circle of friends.... none of whom seem to hang out with each other. So - although she has 7 or 8 friends with whom she is close.... they all have other friends (with whom I would consider ...


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4 Year Old Always Says "I'm a Good Boy"

Hi there... this is totally new to me... so please be patient. I have recently started babysitting my 4 year old godson. My issue is that he is CONSTANTLY saying things like "I'm a good boy" when I am punishing my 4 year old as well as other kids I babysit. He has done this type of thing for as long as I can remember. Even when he was just 2. He is always repeating himself, like for example... for fighting this morning I took the boys fav teddy bears away for a set amount of time. My son got mad... but my godson says (about every 5 mins or...


School Shooting :'(!

So I have been watching all day about the school shooting. Parker my son who...