Bringing Baby Home: Infant, Luv

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Can I Make It to a Hospital 1Hr and 26Mins Away When I Go into Labor?

This is my 1st pregnancy and I'm 1hr away from the nearest Kaiser hospital. I have no idea how contractions work. I know everyones different but I also know that I probably won't deliver within the 1st hour of feeling contractions. But will I make it a whole hour? With my boyfriend who's a smoker? I jus don't know if I can make it to the hospital! Trying to figure out what I can do since after 37 weeks she could come at anytime. If we get a hotel the day before my due date what if she doesn't come till a week after? I appreciate any advice...

Car Seats

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What Is the Best Convertible Carseat?

My 8 month old son is about to out grow his infant carrier. I need to buy a carseat that will face in the rear position, switch to forward facing, and hopefully go into a booster. I have been looking at some online consumer reports. II want something that is safe, comfortable for my child, and less expensive than the Britax carseats. I saw some positive reports for the Safety 1st All-in-One Deluxe Convertible Car Seat. Does anyone have that one? Or, is there another one you absolutely love and would recommend? Please include the...


Baby Shower Questions

Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for...