Bringing Baby Home: Infant, Gerber

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Bringing Home Baby Outfit

What type of outfit did you use to bring your baby home from the hospital? Size, style, etc? Should I bring a preemie and a newborn outfit just in case? It will be winter time (I hope!) when the little one is born. Did any of you use the car seat covers in winter so you didn't have to bundle baby up so much? Thanks for the advice moms!


Fussy Baby from Birth

I have a 7 week old baby boy that was 3.5 weeks early, he actually spend the...

Baby's Bag

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What to Pack in "The Bag"

Hey there all you wonderful mama's!! I am 38 weeks with our first baby. I am just wondering, aside from the obvious things, what all should I pack in my hospital bag? Is there anything that you wished you had packed but did not?? Anything specific that I should definetely bring? Thanks in advance!!