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Updated on September 02, 2010
J.B. asks from New Berlin, WI
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Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for my shower. I will probably register at Babys R Us and Target or Walmart. I really need help knowing what to register for and what brands work the best. I don't need top of the line baby stuff but want brands that are known to hold up well. I also need a list of items that are must haves for first time moms. I would love to hear from you experienced moms out there!!! Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of your advice! I am printing off all the replies and I am going to read up on some baby bargain books.
THANKS AGAIN this was very helpful!

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answers from Omaha on

For bottles get Dr. Johns. I went through a gazillion leaky ones before i found that one. A little more expensive, but well worth it.

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answers from Columbus on

At Babies R Us, they offer a consultant for free to help you get just the right stuff. They are educated on the products that the store is selling and so forth. When you go to the registry desk just ask about it. They should offer it, but just in case you should just ask.

Congrats and Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

The things that I really loved and used the most with two babies were the swaddling blankets and the zip bottom bag blankets by Halo (or indorsed by Halo) -anyway, they're safe because your baby is warm and snug but it's not a blanket that can get over their face. They're also not cheap -so nice gifts! I liked the Dr. Brown's bottles in the larger size because you're going to get to that size quickly. The best stroller we've had hands down other than our double jogger has been the Maclaren Volo we got at Babies R Us. Your baby can't use it until he or she can sit up well and hold his head up, but it's sturdy, long-lasting, light and has gone EVERYWHERE with us! It's also tall enough that you're not hunched over like pushing other umbrella strollers. It folds down and sets up with one hand and has a breathable mesh-like seat. They cost around $100, but they are 100% worth it! I was also pleased with my Fisher Price swings and Graco products --large swing, portable swing, Graco travel system stroller and infant car seat and Graco pack and play. We enjoyed the Baby Bjorn as well. Also -register for a Bumbo seat. You'll love it and so will the baby! It's fantastic for when you have to go to the bathroom or you're cooking or something. They have little trays that attach to them now as well!


answers from Los Angeles on

I like Graco for baby gear (car seat, stroller, travel system, pack n' play, high chair).
For diapers I like Pampers swaddlers for new borns, and LUVS for when they get a little older (luv's is actually pretty fairly priced).
Also, register for wipes, you will use them more then you think (not just for diaper changes, they have a million uses).
We used Dr. Browns for bottles, although if you don't have a dishwasher they are a pain in the butt to wash, but they actually reduced the gas.
If your breastfeeding I liked the "My breast friend" pillow over the boppy (hated the boppy).
Bibs...tons and tons of bibs.
First-aid kit, grooming kit, quick read therm., crib matress protector, extra sheets, a bath tub/bath seat (make sure it will fit in your tub!!!!! ours didn't and was a complete waste), activity floor mat, mobile, ours liked her crib aquarium too, and lets not forget the bumbo. I also had a baby sling, although with the next one I want to try the mobey wrap.
I would say my biggest must have was the baby swing and the bouncey seat. I used both all the time.
As for toys, I like fisher price. It's always held up and my daughter gets pretty rough with her toys.
Oh and a night light for those late night cries. =)
Have fun and good luck!



answers from Dallas on

These are the thing we used the most:

-Bouncer (ours was fisher price rain forest)
-Aden & Anais swaddling blankets
-Gerber Nuk pacifiers
-Earth's best body wash/shampoo
-soft brush, nail clippers
-Evenflo glass bottles
-Gerber Nuk nipples
-Boppy (for breast or formula feeding!!)
-Gerber side snap t-shirts
-Burp cloths



answers from Minneapolis on

When registering at Target a couple of things you should know are:
In the past, they change over their stock twice a year, once in January and once in July. Not sure when you are due, but something to consider if you are having your shower then. If so, many items you register for might not be there when people are shopping. Also, if your shower is before then, and you don't need all the baby gear yet, you could return the items and buy what you find on clearance.

Another thing is that they will (or they have in the past) send you a coupon in the mail shortly before your due date for like 10% everything left on your registery. This is why you will want to register for more diapers and other necessities. Perhaps you could add more after your shower, so you could benefit from the extra discount.

Don't register for those adorable little shoes for newborns. They look sooo cute, but they never really wear (maybe on a special occasion).

I would suggest registering for Baby Signs Sign Language program and What to expect the first year book.

Did someone mention a mirror for the car?

Good luck and best wishes!
Good luck!


answers from Missoula on

I would ask for diapers because they are expensive and you will need them.



answers from Des Moines on

At the risk of sounding like a yuppie mommy - Walmart is a very very evil corporation, and I would ask you to not support that evil economy destroying entity if at all possible..... they destroy local businesses, exploit their employees, and force manufacturing overseas.

Consider registering online at Amazon and Ebay.... this way you can support smaller businesses, including many other stay at home moms! (Both companies register many smaller at home online stores!) / end rant.

Babies don't need very much. A baby bjorn, a maclaren stroller, lots of plain blankets for wrapping and burp cloths. My kiddo loved the gymini from Tiny Love. Books - lots and lots of books, especially board books.

For baby clothes there is nothing better than Hanna Andersson. The prices are a little high, but these clothes actually DO grow with the kids - for 14 dollars, I had pants and onsies that fit for nearly a year! The BEST part is Hanna's are so incredibly popular that you can resell on ebay for nearly the retail price (I dressed my boy for nearly free by buying and reselling his clothes on Ebay)

Don't get caught in the trap of buying lots of stuff that you aren't going to really need. You need a baby carrier like a Baby Bjorn (don't scrimp on this one - a cheap carrier will wreck your back!) - A Mama coat from Japanese weekend (which is super warm, and will fit through your pregnancy, over your baby carrier, and then will convert to a regular coat when you are all back to normal), a good stroller like a Maclaren (the volo is great for an older baby and weighs less that 5 pounds...)

Skip the expensive crib - I advocate co-sleeping ; no waking up for breast feeding.... but if you must have one, think Ikea. Ditto the expensive changing tables, etc. Babies need to be carried, wrapped in warm cotton clothing, and need not much besides a warm breast and body to be happy!



answers from Minneapolis on

First, I would actually wait a bit before you register. Like about a week before the invites for your shower go out or you run the risk of the seasons changing and all the stuff you register for goes out of season and people trying to buy you stuff can't find anything. Second, please do not support walmart. Since they're gifts, you might as well get good Target stuff:) Now on stuff brands. If I don't mention a brand for an item, it's because I don't think brand matters for that particular item...

Boppy and 2 covers
bouncy seat
swaddler blankets with velcro (don't do receiving blankets - they're too small and useless for swaddling babies)
Bottles - I'd get like 9-12 of them (Avent - BPA free are good) Dr. Brown's are nice too but they have a ton of pieces to clean
Bottle Brush
Diaper Champ - this is better than the diaper genie because you can use regular trash bags and not buy special ones
Crib plus 2-3 sheet sets - skip the bumper as you can't really use it anyway
Colorful Exercise mat for tummy time
Clothes - 10 pairs tops and bottoms. I wouldn't register for onsies because you'll get a ton of them. You'll also get bigger blankets so don't register for them.
Diapers and Wipes - for newborn Pampers Swaddlers are the best
Potty chair
Changing table pad and 2 -3 covers - I like having a pad seperate because it's portable which is nice if you live in a 2 story house. You may even want 2 pads if you have a 2 story so you can have one up and one down
Graco Pack and Play - a MUST if you ever want to travel with baby
Bassinet - the smaller crib works really well as babies sleep better in more confined areas for about 3 months.
Carseat - Graco is always good
Stroller - one that fits your carseat so Graco is good. Get one that you can lift yourself as you'll be hauling that thing in and out of your trunk forever!
Umbrella stroller - works for when the baby gets older and is lighter for short trips, great for airports, etc.
Baby bathtub

Gosh it seems like a lot when it's all written down! Good luck and congratulations on your new baby!


answers from Minneapolis on

Cloth diapers make great, soft and easy to wash spit up/feeding cloths.

Even if baby wearing is not your thing (long term), consider the Moby Wrap. I do home childcare and am a recent convert to this rather than a buckle-it-on carrier, at least for tiny ones. Way easier on my back and neck, cozy for baby and comfy to just do my other tasks if baby is fussy and just won't get a little shut eye any other way. Its a giant fabric, tie-it-on (directions included) contraption with no buckles or snaps..just the cotton knit fabric piece. Worth a try if its a gift! (about $40 at Target now)

If daycare requires one parent to drop off and another to pick up, get 2 bases for the infant seat. Just way easier. Also as others said, get the car seat cover for witer time, rather than a snowsuit sort of thing. Wish they had those when my teen was a baby!

For the short time they use a baby swing..and some never do like it....I prefer the smaller swings that fold up for storage (great for saving for the second child..or in my case as a daycare I await another baby to add to the group in a year or 2)...I have the Boppy papasan "travel swing" style one
Also great if you want to lug some of these things to Grammas for the weekend or the cabin, etc.

A good middle of the road quality Pack N Play. Also great for Grammas, the cabin, car travel trips, or for a spare sleeping space out on the shaded patio or in a family room on another floor from where the bedrooms are (where you may spend more daytime hours during maternity leave?).

Tons of blankets are not needed. Maybe some nice knit recieving blankets..a few thin flannel ones. But this is a well given home made gift anyway. But get good fitting quality sheets! Knit ones are nice. With daycare, no blankets and crib items are OK due to SIDS, until a year old (personally tough to follow for me) I have decent crib sheets..and for my pack and plays, I actually made my own (like a big super tight pillowcase out of some king size sheets I got on clearance for $ one care that they have snowflakes on them!). They must be snug fitting..nothing slippy or loose that could entrap a very small child is safe. Ever.

Then your normal stuff like a Boppy and covers (good for feeding and nursing as soon as you bring them home..can help with comfortable positioning). Some like a Bumbo seat for when they are bigger (altho I have never tried those). Lots of bibs (good ones!).

Don't be shy about registering for mid range priced things at good quality shops like Gymboree and Childrens Place. They have items that can be gotten for gifts that are on sale and good $25-$35 pricing..a decent gift range for anyone. Like a nice cotton sleeper or simple outfit with cutie socks.

I often will do a small item along with a gift card.....maybe some cute socks and pair of girly shoes/boyish tennies in those adorable infant teeny sizes..along with a gift card..or maybe some funny sayings on a onsie set and the gift card. That way I find a little priced thing, then can get that $25 for them to get bottles or towards that car seat or high chair they really wanted?

MOMMY gifts are nice too. Maybe a new robe or 2 sets of maternity PJS to pamper yourself! You could bring to the hospital for that one day you have visitors (wash it and ahve it packed), etc.




answers from Minneapolis on

I would recommend buying the book "Baby Bargains". The book is sort of like a Consumer Reports for baby gear. They rate products based on parent feedback, cost, reliability, etc. I found it to be a great resource!



answers from Appleton on

Lots of great suggestions here & one thing I didn't see is a nursing stool. A must-have in my opinion--makes sitting/rocking/nursing much more comfortable. Enjoy!!!



answers from St. Cloud on

LUVS diapers. (Our kids were allergic to Pampers.....) Only get 1 package of newborn! IF THAT! They grow so fast. You CAN just get size 1 to start.

Graco Carseat/Stroller Set. We LOVED our first one! They now make a snugride 35 that holds babies up till 35 pounds! OR, if you go really expensive (and SAFE), Britax makes the Chaprone set that is great! Has side impact protection and NO thread harness!!!!!

For diaper pail. IF you are going to get one. DIAPER DECOR! It's the ONLY one we've found that keeps the smell away! We use it upstairs but just throw diapers in the regular trash downstairs........

I NEVER used our Boppy. Hated it. A regular pillow worked better.........

If you are going to bottle feed. We liked the Playtex with drop in liners. NO CLEANING!!!! (Except a quick rinse of the bottle.) And of course, washing the nipples.

Fancy crib sets are NOT necessary! WASTE OF MONEY! Just register for some crib sheets and a mobile. You will NEVER use the quilt and the bumper pads are a breathing hazard once the baby starts to move.......

REGISTER FOR BLANKETS! Different sizes and materials! We went through a TON of blankets because our kids are spitters.

Also get BIBS! We did NOT like the side closure ones though. They fell off our daughter. Get the ones that VELCRO in the back!

Register for an EAR thermometer. DO NOT GET A PACIFIER ONE! Our daughter took a nuk but it was a different shape than the thermometer one so she wouldn't even use that. Our son never took a nuk and refused to put the thermometer one even IN his mouth.



answers from Minneapolis on

One thing that saved me so many times was a snap on crib bedding cover. I don't know the exact name for it, but it just lookes like a white flat sheet that has a plastic liner & snap tabs that go around the spindles of the crib (it will fit any crib). The idea is that it's easy to remove, wash & put on without having to change the crib sheets. You can see the crib sheets from the sides but looking into the crib you'll just see the white sheet. It's convenient b/c when the crib is in the infant stage, it's so low that it's very hard to get the sheet on & off & in the middle of the night, it's a life saver. My baby was spitting up all the time or blowing out diapers & this product made an otherwise frustrating time, a non-issue. Now, with potty training, it means I don't have to change the sheets when she wets the bed. I snap it off & wash it the next day! I've only washed the crib sheets a couple of times & never even used the second one I bought. This product can be found at Babies R Us. It's about $20 & you only need one. Register for it. You'll be surprised by how wonderful it is. BTW, I only registered for it after reading a post about the product when I was pregnant. I don't know what I would have done without it!


answers from Dallas on

Clothes wise, I wouldn't really have any NB size clothes...I'd go straight to 0-3.
Sleepers (or sleep sacks, whatever is easier) get probably 10 or so. For the first few months, it's really easier ot have them in these (as I'm figuring out lol). Maybe a few onsies, but you're due in ...mid Jan-Feb? (I had some NB clothes for my son when he was born...7lb 9oz..and they swallowed him. A week later, too big. And at 7 weeks, outgrew his 0-3 clothes all ready)
socks--- lots of them....they get lost so easy....
a few cute outfits, but not really necessary. (i have one for him to meet his grandparents in when they come at end of Sept and one for pictures)
The playtex drop-in bottles are awesome....and you can even get the wal-mart version of them (and every store has their version of the liners and they all fit).
Diapers--having a lot of success with the Luvs diapers... and atleast they are pretty cheap too.
a bouncer!! a must have. my son sleeps in his and it's the only thing that he will. the ones with the vibrating and music on them are great...too many brands to name one lol
a crib or pack n play. i have both (both gifts) but my son has slept in his pack n play a few times only and never in his crib. hopefully soon though.
receiving blankets
good pair of baby nail clippers
baby bath tub (one that you can use for more than a few months since they grow so fast lol)
i got the evenflo aura for my carseat/stroller and i gotta say, i do love it...
a boppy pillow....either breast feeding or formula feeding-- it will be your best friend.



answers from Sioux Falls on

Lots and lots of bibs.
Lots of sleepers in lots of sizes.
You only need a couple of cute outfits for pictures or church etc. Most cute outfits get worn only once anyway before they outgrow them. And actually I wouldn't register for outfits as people will buy them anyway without you registering for them.
Boppy pillow and covers.
Bouncy chair.


answers from Detroit on

Thermoscan or ear thermometer
Side Snap Onesies (Gerber)
Baby gowns
grooming kit
swaddling blankets
Primo tub if you have the room to store

stroller - pick one that you can steer and close with one hand , easy to maneuver through doors and light enough to lift without straining your back

car seat- I personally prefer the convertibles. Infant ones just get too heavy after the 6th month ,however, it does allow the baby to sleep through during transfers. (My babies never had issues with transfers)

Gift cards

diaper pail/genie/etc. -Still stinks up the room used with our 1st rid of it and just bagged threw the stinky diaper in the main trash

Newborn clothes. They are outgrown so fast. Mom2Mom is the bet bet for these you can get them yourself dirt cheap and most are not even worn.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head



answers from Appleton on

~If you know your baby's gender, still go neutral with the big things. You just don't know what #2 will bring you.

~We like Graco for most things. As for carseat, look for the ones that have a maximum weight of 30 lbs. You will likely get through the first year with that one seat. Also get another base if you have multiple vehicles.

~Definitely get a bouncy seat and swing. With any luck they will give you time to do what you need to do.

~Our mobiles (both FP Rainforest: one for crib, one with playpen) saved us so many times. Both our boys love(d) them!

~As for thermometer, skip the ear and rear :) The baby won't let you near the ear for enough time, if any, to get a reading. Same can be said for an anal reading. Get the temporal reader (we've got Exergen) instead. Our baby has allowed to very quick readings, and our 2 year old no longer fights us. Our daycare uses the exact same one.

~You will likely want a crib and playyard. There have been too many infant deaths in the Milwaukee news lately to make me think sleeping with parents could be an option.

~We haven't liked our umbrella stroller too well. We're not terribly tall (5'7" and 6'), and it's handles are very short, as well as the stride allowed. We still use our Graco stroller that came with out travel system.

~NO diaper genie. Ours never worked. This is a good place to use the plastic grocery bags that seem to reproduce in the cabinet!

~I wouldn't go crazy on pacifiers. We've got 2 thumb-suckers and a lot of pacies. The one from the hospital will work in a pinch.

~Diapers...Don't register for newborns. You don't know how big the baby will actually be, and the hospital will send you home with the package they opened for your baby (only one or two used). We now get our diapers and wipes from Costco-the Kirkland brand for both. We love them!

~Diaper bag. I don't know about you, but I like a bag that isn't gender specific and will be reusable. Minus the sippies in the outer pockets, you can't tell my bag is designed as a diaper bag.

Hope this helps!



answers from Chicago on

Get the book Baby Bargains - it is awesome. It is a comprehensive review of pretty much everything out there. They don't always recommend the cheapest, but typically go for the best value for your dollar.

When you go to Babies R Us, they will give you a list of what they think you HAVE to register for. Ignore it - you'll never use half the stuff on there. Instead, go in with a game plan (like you're doing here) and you won't wind up registering for a bunch of stuff you don't need.



answers from Fargo on

After two kids and 10 years of daycare here's what I've learned: Those polar fleece car seat covers are wonderful during the cold months-no having to fight with blankets and coats except on the coldest of days. Skip the diaper pail and just throw wet diapers into the garbage and double bag the messy ones ( I use old shopping bags for that). A baby seat is very nice to have. Baby swings can be life savers for some kids but others absolutely hate them. A boppy is great for when the little one is learning to sit up as well as for feeding time. Make sure to get a couple of sets of bedding for your crib, as you never know when you'll have to do a "quick change" in the middle of the night. Get a good car seat and more than one base. A nice rocking chair for the nursery is really nice to have, too. As for the diapers, don't buy a lot of one size until you know how big your baby will be. If you buy them shortly before you need them and get the wrong size you can return them if you haven't opened them.



answers from Washington DC on

- larger bottles, the small sizes don't last long and aren't worth it
- 10 simple terry bibs without appliques are good for wiping
- at leat 2 large shaped catch bibs like baby bjorn makes
- mobile, babies love them
- floor play mat
- step stools, you need them sooner than you think all over the house
- a nursing cover up like Nordstrom sells, can't remember brand
- for a girl, bubbble dresses for summer
- cloth diapers for burb cloths
- I bought seperate for the crib since didn't use burmpers b/c of sids
- feeding bowls and sippy cups, you need them sooner than you think
- high quality safety nail clippers
- socks in different colors all sizes up to 3t - socks are so expensive
- ice cube tray for freezing baby food purees
- high quality umbrella stroller, you will use it longer than the first big infant stroller

Have fun!! Motherhood is sooo fantastic!

By the way - GIrlfriends Guide books are great!!! There is one on baby equipment.



answers from Omaha on

I The one thing I got and didn't think I would use- but LOVED was the baby bouncy thing. It's a chair, and has a little box in the bottom that vibrates and they just lay there and bounce- of course, now that I think about it, that may be why my son wouldn't sleep in a bed in later years- because he was not moving anymore- but it was great to have while I cooked supper and easier than the swing and portable. I also liked my play yard- it worked great for travelling as well when he was an infant! Congratulations! and Good luck!
Oh yes, I got a diaper genie and thought it was a waste of money- I would skip that one if they even still make them.
As for blankets- I had WAY too many and ended up regifting tons of them to other new moms, that I had never opened.
I had a little baby, and premie stuff worked for him for 3 months actually. I see others saying to not register for those sizes, but I had to have them. I skipped the sleepers- other than the ones bought at showers, because my son sleeps hot and would wake up dripping wet- with a dry diaper, he didn't like to be wrapped as an infant either.
Definitley a crib- for us the changing table was a waste- I changed him on the floor so he couldnt' roll off.
I didn't use my high chair either actually- except for his first birthday party. Didn't use my stroller more than once or twice, but I like the papooses I see these days- that would have helped my back in those days.
AND, a humidifier. I didn't get one til I needed it and had a sick fussy baby screaming in walmart while I tried to look for the right one- mom's came from all over the store to assist me- I was a mess, but we use it all the time.



answers from Minneapolis on

A bouncy seat is a must...all kiddos like them. A swing is nice, but not all kids like them. A good pack-and-play is great too, because it's nice to have it to take with you when you go somewhere. We used alot of Graco brand stuff, with no problems...including a Graco car seat and stroller--they make the car seats fit the kids for longer now (longer length and larger weight limits--I think it's called a Snug and Ride), so that is helpful. Other than that, you will get alot of blankets and outfits, so I wouldn't necessarily register for any. A baby monitor is good to have--but it's up to you whether you want just a "regular" one or a video one. Also, any books or lullaby CD's that you like would be good as well, besides other things already mentioned.



answers from Dallas on

Great questions. We are trying to get pregnant so i would like to see some of the answers your get...ha! Good Luck

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