Bringing Baby Home: Infant, Pulmicort

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Pulmicort - Steroids for Asthma/Lung Issues

Do any of you have children who have taken Pulmicort or another steroid for asthma/lung issues. My son was born 3 months premature and therefore had immature lungs. In addition he had a chest tube for a pneumo-thorax and pneumonia all in the first two weeks of life, came home on oxygen, etc. This was all a year ago and he's doing incredible. Has been off of oxygen since April. All of that said, he is struggling with weather changes and the cold and flu season. A tiny cold leads to wheezing and bronchiolitis almost every time. My doc...

Baby's Bag

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My Baby Has Asthma - UPDATE

My son had bronchiolitis when he was three months old, then it turned into asthma. Once he gets a cold, he starts coughing and then wheezing. So I have to give him the rescue medicine Albuterol via a nebulizer and Pulmicort as a daily dose. It takes a week or two to recover everytime he gets sick and I feel I am pumping so much medicine into his body. Does anyone have the same experience? How do you deal with it and have you explored more natural approach (herbs, chiropractic care)? I would love a Mom's input.