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What's a Boppy?

D.S. asks from Houston

Evidently something has gotten past me. What is a boppy?


Sleeping in Boppy??

N.W. asks from Philadelphia

I have my 11 week old daughter in daycare. I observed her sleeping in a Boppy, she was propped up with her head in the U part of the Boppy. They said she slept real...


Boppy Reviews

A. asks from Lakeland

When I had my daughter (now 4) I don't know that the Boppys were out (or maybe I just didn't see them). I now have a friend having a second child VERY soon and we wer...


What Is the Best Way to Wash a Boppy?

J.P. asks from Dallas

My newborn spit up all over my boppy and it soaked through totally. Can I throw the boppy in the washing machine?


Need Suggestions on Cleaning a Boppy

A. asks from Dallas

I need to wash my Boppy, due to a potty training accident . . . and I was wondering if any of you have put yours in a regular sized washer. Or if you have any other ...


Using Boppy Pillow in Crib

T.G. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone ever used their boppy pillow in the crib. I am trying to transition my son from sleeping in the swing to his crib and he finally fell asleep in his crib us...


Boppy Vs. My Brest Friend???

A.Y. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I'm curious to hear from mom's that tried both the Boppy and the My Brest Friend. Which one did you prefer? What were the pros and cons of each that you...


How to Clean a Boppy Pillow

M.G. asks from Detroit

Has anyone ever washed a boppy in either their own or a commercial washing machine? Since the cover is stiched on, I can't take it off to wash it, and I just feel li...


The Boppy Vs. My Brest Friend

G.K. asks from San Francisco

I'm torn between these two items as I've heard great things about both. With the Boppy, I like that the baby can rest on this but with the Brest Friend, it's only he...


Using Boppy in Crib

B.L. asks from Billings

My question is, has anyone ever used a boppy as a pillow for thier baby. My little man is 2 months of age, and has been placed on cereal in each bottle to help keep ...