The Boppy Vs. My Brest Friend

Updated on May 20, 2008
G.K. asks from San Francisco, CA
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I'm torn between these two items as I've heard great things about both. With the Boppy, I like that the baby can rest on this but with the Brest Friend, it's only helpful for feeding? I'd like to hear others' thoughts on pros/cons of either, please!

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answers from Sacramento on

I prefer the boppy. My friend had that breast friend and it velcros on and it is much bulkier. The boppy is comfortable for me and my son and like one of the posts said earlier, it is very easy to transport.

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answers from Stockton on

I love the Boppy. I even found myself using it when the babies weren't around - I liked it as an arm rest. My Brest Friend was just too bulky and uncomfortable. I didn't like having it attached. For example, sometimes you want to stand up with a sleeping baby in your arms and having to detach something from yourself isn't easy with a babe in arms.



answers from Sacramento on

I think it's a personal preference. You might want to find a couple girlfriends who have used them and try it out for yourself.

Also keep in mind your own size. I had the Boppy when there was nothing else and I'm overweight, so it wasn't as comfortable. Now they have come out with a stretchier version of it.

I liked the Boppy because I used it as support for tummy time (they have small ones now for that too), sitting support for my babies when they were learning to sit up on their own, and now it serves as a 'laying on the floor' pillow.



answers from Bakersfield on

I loved my MyBrestFriend!!! It didn't slide and it had a pocket that I put my breast cream and breast shields in. It also was better on posture when breast feeding. Mine was a newer one from babies r us and it was not Velcro but a thing that they have in buggies to strap the babies in. I had no Cons when it came to it. It would have been cool to have it help the baby sit later on but what i was looking for was a tool for breast feeding and it was the best!



answers from San Francisco on

I was given both, and used them both with both children. I loved (and needed) the Brest Friend early on when breast feeding is difficult. I had a hard time getting started with both of my daughters - bleeding and cracked nipples, and I found the boppy wasn't stable enough - it slipped away from my body and my baby sort of slid down between me and the boppy, which exacerbated my nursing problems.

Later on when they were a little older, I found the Brest Friend to be too bulky, and aggravating to put the strap around my back (the same one that was a lifesaver early on). And then as other posters say, I have used the boppy for sitting support, tummy time, lying on, reclining my newborn on the bed while I'm getting dressed. (My babies and reflux and weren't comfortable lying down flat for the first few months). So... I wouldn't consider it entirely outrageous to have both - they sort of serve different purposes. Enjoy your new little one, congrats and best wishes. Get nursing support from a lactation consultant if you need it - it can be tough going early on.



answers from Salinas on

I still have my boppy and honestly, it's a little too soft to really provide the support I needed to really help me hold and support the baby while he was nursing. I didn't use the brest friend, but I got a similar pillow called a Kushie... I think you can find them online but I believe that they are more similar to the breast friend... more firm and supportive, so i'd go with the firmer option. That's what worked better for me. i still have my boppy though. it was a good pillow to sit on in the hospital when my battle scars from child birth were healing.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi G.,

I personally love the boppy because its really easy to breastfeed and very transportable. Also, the boppy can be used later on for tummy time and helping baby learn to sit up. I tried out my brest friend and didn't like it as much. Congratulations on your new little one coming!!




answers from Sacramento on

I've used both. The boppy with my first and the Brest Friend with my second. I did like the boppy. It was versatile and did it's job just fine. I was given the other this time around and I LOVED it. It is a bit more bulky but I loved that it had velcro. I could get up while feeding and move around much more freely. I felt very secure with it and felt like there was more area to it for my son.....who, was almost 11lbs mind you!!!!) I think they are both easy to transport. Is there a way you could try them both??? I don't know where they sell the brest friend, mine was a gift. I felt the boppy "wore out" much faster. I needed another insert by the time my daughter was done with it. The other is more durable I think and not as versatile for other things like tummy time.
Good luck!!!



answers from Fresno on

i orginally had the Boppy, but my bestfriend gave birth two weeks before me and realized it didn't work well for nursing. The lactation nurses told her to get the MY Brest Friend. I loved My Brest Friend, and it was really sturdy. I ended up just using the Boppy when my daughter was learning to sit up, so she wouldn't fall back and hit her head.



answers from San Francisco on

i had both and i liked each for different reasons. my breastfriend was great for learning how to nurse. my arms were too tired to hold my baby properly, so the MBF was like a shelf for him to lay on. the material is really stiff, so it keeps its form well. however, i couldn't use it for anything but the cradle or cross cradle, and the "back support" bothered me. i hated clipping in and out of the thing too.

the boppy was too soft and squishy to learn how to nurse with, but once my son and i were pros at it, i loved it. slip it right on and go. i could use it for the football hold too.

i ended up selling my MBF and keeping the boppy.

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