Baby Names: Avent

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What Is Your Favorite Bottle for Breastfed Baby?

Hello! My husband and I are getting prepared for our baby who is due in July. I am planning on breastfeeding him as much as possible but, need to have some bottles on hand in case my husband needs to feed him some milk too. In the past, we've used Avent bottles and really liked them... But, we're wanting to replace our old Avent bottles for ones that are BPA-free. When I was looking for new ones, I noticed that the price of Avent bottles has gone up quite a bit. I tried finding some reviews on bottles and saw that a lot of moms...


Baby Shower Games

What is your favorite baby shower game? Can you think of any fun original...


Making Baby Food

Hello mommies! I was wondering if any of you made your baby food. My...