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Baby Shower for a Second Baby?

JUST CURIOUS to what others think about the topic. We are currently TTC our second child. We have a 17mo old little girl and I've saved all of her clothes and such just in case we have another girl the 2nd time around. (Although we'd love a boy, one of each!) I'm assuming that if we have another girl, then a baby shower is not really necessary since I wouldn't really need clothes and we'd probably end up buying the bigger items ourselves anyway and reuse a lot of the toys/equipment. Or is it reasonable to have a shower of sorts for a...

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Mom Seeking Some Advice for Baby Boy with Sever Ezcema

My 8 month old son suffers from Eczema, he really scratches his skin, he is always irrated. I took him to the peditriction, the dermatologist and I am just waiting to take him to the allergy doctor.I was given cream, but after a while it started to discolor his skin, so I no longer used it.I give him oatmeal baths, I use Aveeno soap, I even tried rubbing cooking oil on him. But I cannot stand to see my baby like that. I try to keep his skin moisturized but with in 10-30 minutes it is dry and flaky. When he is not scratching he is happy! Can...

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Rash on Baby's Face & Body

My baby has rash all over his body and face (side burn part). Looks red and dry. The pediatrician only recommend vaseline and hydrocortizone 1%. But it comes and go. We use Cetaphyl, aveeno etc..nothing seems to work. Don't know what to do. I have to put on mittens on my baby's hand because he keeps scratching his face. Any solution for me that you all know? And I am thinking to change my pediatrician since all problem we have with the baby she always says it's normal asian baby gets that..every thing happen she always said it's...


Baby Name Again

I'm still struggling to pick a name for my daughter that is due in about 6...