Does He Have Autism?????

Updated on April 14, 2007
A.L. asks from Richlands, VA
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my two year old son won't talk. we have done everything to get him to but he won't. he is seeing a speech therapist once a week and now she wants to send him to a doctor who specializes in this kind of thing. i'm afraid that the doctor will tell me that it is autism and i wouldn't know what to do. i'm so scared because he is my firstborn and i never dealt with this kind of thing before. i hope he doesn't have it and he can say some words but not enough. please pray that he will start talking soon before he starts school in august.

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answers from Huntsville on

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for you to take your son to see a doctor. If he has autism it's much much better if you catch it early. The earlier you catch it the easier it is to treat. My daughter is 5 and she was diagnoised at 3 with mild autism. She now sees a speech therepist and goes to preschool 2 days a week and it has helped her extremely! You can look on my website, I have some good information about autism in my blog, along with some early warning signs and also another website you can check out. If your son has autism it is very important to find out now. Now with help with therepy and vitamins and some medications, autism isn't the end. But check out my website and read my blog, I put some good information in my blog. Believe me I've done a lot of research with autism when my daughter was diagnoised because I was terrified, but now it's a everyday thing but shes getting better and better so check out my site:

Please if you need someone to talk to or have any questions don't hesitate to write me on there or my email is:

Good luck and I wish you all the best. I will put you in my prayers.


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answers from Birmingham on

My advice would be Don't Freak Out Yet!! Follow the advice of the speech therapist and have a doctor check on him. If it does happen that he has autism, there are people that can help you adjust to his needs, and show you what to do. Just take it easy. You can handle it. Don't stress over it until you know what's what.



answers from Biloxi on

A., please don't be so upset...sit down and have a really good cry but don't freak out completely! My grandson who is now 4 years old has Autism, a mild case but still it is Autism and it is scary at first! This is my daughters first child and she is lost most of the time of what to do with him... does your son hit on the wall or something like he is playing when maybe you are trying to get him to say something? does he really like music? Jordyn said hardly nothing except sorta mama and little things but he wasn't really saying them...he does now!!! He can say so much, when he wants to, but he is very socialable now also..when he was younger he would freak out whenever we went anywhere, he hated crowds! it is only in the past year that he has started being alright with it. contact your school system, they have to test him for his speech and then they will work with him, best thing I did for Jordyn when he was 2 and he threw alot of fits and didn't want anything to do with the therapist but before he left he really loved her. He is in head start now his first year, he started in August, and I think it has helped but what has helped the most is just talking to him alot and getting him to copy us... just repeat what you say, even if it isn't plain enough for you to understand just remember he is trying so praise him all the time when he says really helps!! Jordyn loves to say his name, he says Gorgan but at least he is saying something!!! and he is finally saying more then just one word at a time..he can now say 4-5 together and we make a really big deal out of it which makes a big grin come on his face so when I ask him to say it again and again then he wants to!! I would like to be able to talk with you and help you through this if you would let you have family near you? It really helps alot to have help because you will need it at least for a break every now and e-mail address is if you would like to talk to me privately! Good Luck but remember he loves you and you love him and it won't be easy but it is so worth it when you hear him say those words for the first time!!! write me, D.



answers from Clarksville on

Has he had a complete hearing exam?
As with autism, my cousin has Aspergers syndrom which is a form of autism. He had it detected early and has been seeing a therapist since he was about 3 years old. It has done wonders for him. It is hard to even tell he is autistic. I know it may be a very hard thing to grast and accept but if your child is autistic there are many resources now days and early detection is of key importance. Many autistic children now days lead quite normal lives. I'll pry for you



answers from Chattanooga on

I am also a speech therapist. I am no expert on autism but I do know that there is a wide range of what is considered autism. Please don't freak out yet. Take him to the dr. and have him checked out. Have you had him checked for hearing loss too? Does he make eye contact with people? Does he point at things to get your attention or does he just randomly point? Does he interact with other kids or does he seem to be3 in his own world? Do you sign with him? Even normal kids can learn sign before they speak. I used to teach kids sign to reduce the frustration on everyone so they could learn to speak more easily. Just try to stay calm and follow the therapist's recommendations. If it is autism, the prognosis is better the earlier it is caught. Good luck.



answers from Memphis on

First *HUGE HUGS* to you. Getting a diagnosis of autism can be very numbing. The pp are right, it's not the end of the world. Autism is a spectrum disorder and children can fall anywhere on that spectrum. My oldest son(3 yo) shows many of the signs of autism and we are working on an evaluation for him. Getting help early is the key. Go though the state health department or school board (for when he hits age 3) and he may qualify for therapy if you get a autism diagnosis. I have a friend who has a 13 yo son who was diagnosed with autism and he is doing wonderful. He's in a normal class at school, plays chess, plays violin, and shows no signs of problems anymore. There is hope! Feel free to msg me if you need anything! There are lots of great sites out there for information (my favorites are and

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