Autism: Teen

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S.M. asks from San Francisco

Did anyone who has an autistic child see the news press conference about autism/vaccinations going to the courts today? The nurse and doctor that have a girl with au...



E.M. asks from Texarkana

Does anyone deal with Autism? My son was just diagnosed as Autistic in September and I am trying to find others who have been there who can give me some advice. I am ...


Autistic Child

M.O. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am the proud gramma of a 5 1/2 year old grandson who is autistic and has mild CP. He is the joy of my life, but as he grows, he is a bit of a handful for me. I ...


17 Year Old with ADD? Need to Find a Doctor...

P.C. asks from Dallas

My almost 17 year old son is extremely smart, has been in Gifted/Talented and PreAP classes the entire time he has been in school, but the past two years have been su...


Need Some Information from Moms with an Autistic Child

A.L. asks from Lansing

My son is quickly approaching his 18 month mark, and I have some concerns about Autism. I haven't discussed any of these issues with his peditrician yet, because ever...


Vaccines and Autism

M.L. asks from Portland

I know this is a controversial issue but moms what do you think? Do vaccines cause autism? Why or why not? What are you experiences? Thank you and God bless


Vaccinations and Autism

N.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I am a new mom. I have a 3 months old son. I am on the fence in regards to continuing giving my son vaccines. I know it has not been proven but some people fe...



L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone have an autistic child that would like to share their experiences with me? Anyone needing any support??


17 Year Old Will Not Follow Diet Advise

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

I have just discovered the possible link between Autism, Milk, and Gluten. I would like to try my son on a Milk and Gluten free diet to see if it helps. I have trie...


High Functioning Autism...IF You Have or Know Some One That Has Dealt with It

E.B. asks from Seattle

My youngest kiddo has huge Sensory Processing issues. He has been in Occupational and speech therapies for over a year now. My mom really is tryng to encourage me...