Seeking Female Pediatrician for 12-Yr-old Autistic-Spectrum Child

Updated on June 05, 2008
M.B. asks from Portland, OR
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Hi, there! My daughter, whom we adopted from China when she was 10 months old, has a long list of psychological challenges, but we do our best to deal with those through specialized schooling, therapists, and medication. Right now, my question is a bit different. She menstruated regularly as clockwork for about a year (started early!) and then suddenly stopped. She has been 5 months without a period. My own OB-GYN can't see her, as a minor, and suggests she see her pediatrician. Problem is, I have come to LOATHE our pediatrician, who is a male, anyway (and no way would my daughter be comfortable talking to a man about this stuff). So, I would like a recommendation for a female pediatrician who might also be particularly good with autistic-spectrum kids. While I'm at it, I need a recommendation for a pediatrician for my son, who has an entirely separate set of issues. I'll deal with that in a separate e-mail :-) A doctor within 5 miles to our inner-SE Portland home would be nice. Thanks in advance!

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I highly recommend Dr. Mary Lee Baker at the Broadway Clinic located in area of 42/ne Broadway in the hOllywood district. She's both of my grandchildren's pediatrician. My granddaughter who is 8 is a challenge because of she gets into everything, wants to know everything, asks deep questions. My grandson, 5, is the opposite. He's probably somewhere in the autism spectrum disorder, has limited speech,is impulsive and his first answer to anything is nearly always a rebellious no. She is excellent dealing with both kids.

She has a bright cheerful personality, will stay with you as long as you have questions, and makes appropriate referrals. She also remembers the issues from visit to visit so you don't have to go over them again from the start.

We live in the same neighborhood and when we pass each other on the street or at the store she gives me a big smile and says hello.

The clinic as recently hired a mental health therapist. I'm looking for a play therapist for my granddaughter and will start asking questions with him.

The clinics phone number is ###-###-####.



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Try Broadway Clinic. ###-###-####. They have several top pediatritions and at least one of them is female. They also do their own lab work and xray. There is a Child Psychiatrist on staff as well. My oldest boy sees him and like the time spent.
Good Luck!



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Try East Portland Pediatric Clinic. They are located at the Portland Adventist Hospital. Two female Dr.s there. Dr. Mathieu and Dr. Sequera. (may have spelled their names incorrectly.) I only have a son, and he has seen both of them. Currenty he see's Dr. Mathieu. I think she is great. He had his 12yr exam w/her and was sort of uncomfortable with her being female for that sort of exam, but it went just fine. Dr sequera is of Asian descent I believe. A very nice Dr. too.



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I don't know if a naturopath will work for you, but Leighann Chapman in Sellwood does pediatrics, and works primarily with autistic kids. She's great, and very approachable.

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