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Updated Jan 25, 2020

Seeking Advice on What to Do at a Financially Strapped Baby Shower

September 27, 2006 by Lara B. - South Bend, IN

I'm having a baby shower in a couple of weeks and don't have the money for game prizes or things like that. How do I...


Baby Shower for a Friend

May 11, 2008 by Tara N. - Noblesville, IN

Some friends and I are going to have a 1st time shower for our friend. Two of the homes are underconstruction so we ...


Baby Shower for My Brother's New Baby

March 25, 2009 by Sue Ann M. - Merrillville, IN

My brother's girlfriend is about 6 months pregnant. They do not live together and there (so far) are no plans to do ...


Need More Help! Soon!!!!!!!!!!

March 15, 2009 by Crystal S. - Cedar Lake, IN

hi moms! it was not that long ago that i posted a question about having a long distance baby shower for my sister. we...


Baby Shower for a Minor

August 26, 2008 by Crystal D. - Indianapolis, IN

I have a request to do a baby shower for a 14 year old. I'm not to quick on this idea I don't want to come off as the...


Baby Shower Games

November 27, 2007 by Katie N. - Noblesville, IN

My sister and I are planning a baby shower for our younger sister due in Feb. We are in desperate need and some new ...


Needing Ur Help

March 30, 2008 by Carol W. - Austin, IN

I am going to be a grandmother for the first time in later July. My problem is I am afraid my daughter will invite m...