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Updated Feb 20, 2020

Cloth Diapers or Disposable?

September 29, 2009 by Aubrey B. - APO, AE

I'm pregnant with my first baby and we are thinking of trying out cloth diapers, what do moms out there think? What i...


Cloth Diapers

September 21, 2009 by Jennifer M. - Newnan, GA

I was just wondering who uses cloth, who would like to use cloth, and who says, "I can't use cloth - all the folding ...


Smelly Diaper Pail

September 07, 2009 by JP - Schaumburg, IL

We have a Diaper Champ and a 20-month-old. Even if we empty the pail every day, the entire room smells terrible! We...


Looking for a Good Non Leaking Diaper for Overnight

September 04, 2009 by Marion . - Windsor, PA

my 2 year old sleeps on her tummy all night.which is between 12-14 hours.every morning she wakes up and is soaked.it ...


Cloth Diapering & Cleaning

May 20, 2009 by Julie L. - Bend, OR

Hey mamas! Ok, so I've read the posts on the recent cloth diapering question and it's all been very helpful, but I ne...


10 Month Old with BAD Diarrhea PLEASE HELP!!

September 25, 2006 by Colleen K. - Fort Myers, FL

Okay last week I posted that my daughter has a bad diaper rash. That has cleared up for the most part (it is now at l...


Nature Babycare Diapers

September 02, 2009 by Heather B. - Conifer, CO

We are doing some travelling next month and won't be able to take our clothies with us. I was wondering if anyone has...


Diaper Rash-EXTREMELY BAD!!! Please Help

April 08, 2007 by Kim W. - Mansfield, TX

My 11 MO little girl has very sensitive skin. Two weeks ago she got a stomach bug and had dirrhea really bad. We ha...

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