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Updated Aug 06, 2020

Having Twins -- Freaked Out!

September 20, 2007 by ZCH . - Chicago, IL

I just found out i'm having twins and am a little freaked out: 1. my son was born 10 weeks early; i'm worried about ...


19 Mos Old Twins Say Only 3 Words

April 30, 2008 by Dalya C. - Houston, TX

I have 19 mos old twins who say only 3 words.e (hi, bye and wow) Most kids this age have a vocabulary of at least 20...


6 Month Old Twins ( Boy and Girl)...

January 10, 2008 by Ashjan H. - Evanston, IL

my twins screaming all day long , and the boys voice is very loud more than his sister and she starts doing the same ...


Potty Training Twins

July 26, 2006 by Amee C. - Frisco, TX

Any suggestions on potty training twin boys. My boys are two years and three months old. I'm beginning to wonder if...


Pregnant with Twins!!!

March 18, 2008 by Patrice A. - Franklinton, NC

I am almost 3 months pregnant with twins. It is very exciting but im also very very nervous. This is my 3rd pregnan...