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Updated Nov 21, 2019

Daddy Doesnt Seem to Want to Help Anymore!

July 08, 2009 by Toni M. - Lake Oswego, OR

I am not sure it if it just me over reacting but I feel as if my fiance no longer wants to help with the kids. When I...


Need Help with My Husband Taking Care of Our 14 Week Old.

April 20, 2009 by Gina E. - Wantagh, NY

My husband is awesome about taking care of our daughter who is 14 weeks old. The problem is that she gives him a rea...


Help! Baby Screaming When with Dad!

October 02, 2008 by Jonna_marie A. - Bozeman, MT

My 16 week has been a dream. He has been such an easy baby and never fusses. I've just started back to work. He st...


Am I Crazy?

July 16, 2009 by stephanie a. - Cumming, GA

I would love an idea of how other mom and daddies have dealth with deligating who gets the baby when she wakes in the...


Going Back to Work

August 09, 2009 by Sarah C. - Mankato, MN

I'm going back to work in one week and my husband will be watching our eight-week-old. He stayed home with our now th...


Are All Daddy's This Way?

May 21, 2007 by Toni L. - Fort Worth, TX

My husband is awesome and he will help out with our 2 1/2 month old, but usually only if I ask for it. I am fortunate...


Need Help with Son and Husband Bonding.

August 27, 2008 by Sara C. - Riverside, CA

I have a 7 month old son who is very securely attached to me. My husband argues that he is too attached to me. I do...


My Son Is Biraccial

February 02, 2007 by stacy r. - South Gate, CA

seeking other mother with biraccial children, and any problems encountered


My Husband and My Son

April 28, 2009 by Jamie P. - Spring Lake, NC

My husband loves my son to death. My son is 6 months old and yet my husband is scared to bathe him and spoon feed him...


Trouble with Bottle Feeding

August 15, 2006 by Rebecca F. - Plano, TX

I recently went back to work (I am pumping to continue breastfeeding) and my husband wants to help me with the night ...