Seeking Advice on What to Do at a Financially Strapped Baby Shower

Updated on October 01, 2006
L.B. asks from South Bend, IN
4 answers

I'm having a baby shower in a couple of weeks and don't have the money for game prizes or things like that. How do I not throw the world's most boring baby shower with limited financial resourses??

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So What Happened?

It's tomorrow and I can't wait!! I'm taking a small break from cleaning to let you know I think it's going to be lots of fun!! My neices and maybe my nephews will be here, and so will my cousin's daughter so lots of kids and family to look forward to.

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i had a good friend throw me a baby shower for my youngest not too long ago (well, i guess it's been almost a year now) and we were BOTH broke, and it ended up being really nice. my favorite thing she did was make me a diaper cake. i've seen them on tv since, but the lowdown is you take a few packs of diapers and tape them all together and form differant layers for the 'cake'. then she got some toys from the dollar store and a couple packs of the little loops that you can attach together/attach toys too to decorate the cake. it was great, b/c it was the centerpiece and i was able to take it home and USE it :) i also agree w/the other mom's about hitting up the dollar stores, or you could also try goodwill/salvation army's. if you're creative, you could make the signs and i'm pretty sure you can get streamers and favors at the dollar stores... good luck!! :)



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ive been financially strapped myself as i am now....but i got thru the games... heres what i did

i got a roll of toilet paper and had the ladies tear off as much as they think the mom to be is big as round :P....

put safety pins on the ladies blouses and who ever crosses their legs gets their pin taken from the person who see them....who ever has the most pins at the end of the party wins .......
for prizes....u can go to the dollar store and get candles or little trinkets... for the wrapping just use ribbon
hope it goes well and im curious to know how it goes....



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You could make your own prizes if you would like some help let me know. Also a baby shower should be about enjoying of friendship



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dollar srore you can find a alot of the little this is where your dollars will go a long way. dollar bills,dollar tree,you can get mints and peanunts at dollar general most of these places have decorations there too. if you don't tell they won't know. good luck p.s. go to town and country on mckinley all 3 of them are out there that way it saves you time and money

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