When Did Labor Start After Stopping 17P And/or Procardia (Nifedipine)?

Updated on July 07, 2009
D.B. asks from Hudsonville, MI
6 answers

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has ever been on 17P and/or Procardia (Nifedipine) and how long did it take you to go into labor after stopping the meds? I am currently 35 weeks and getting weekly 17P shots, progesterone shots to help prevent pre-term labor, and I am on 20mg of Procardia every 4 hours for constant contractions, I've only dilated to 1cm and 20% effaced. The shots will stop at 36 weeks and 4 days and the Procardia will stop somewhere around there too. I am just curious how long it might take to go into labor after stopping these meds. Thanks!!

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answers from Detroit on

Hi D. ~
There's no way to know how soon someone will go into labor after starting their meds. Everyone's different. I've seen women have all kinds of pre-term labor and then come off their meds and not go into labor until they're due. And other women go into labor while still on the meds.

good luck...and congratulations on making it this far! A little bit more and the lungs should be fine!



answers from Lansing on

hey D.
congrat on the new baby on the way.i went in to labor two five day with all four of mine after stopping meds all four of my girl were early 32 33 34 and 36 week all fine and healthy good luck



answers from Jackson on

It completely depends on the circumstances.

I was dx'd with pre-term contraxs during one of my pregnancies but didn't end up having the baby until 40wks...turns out my pre-term contracxs were actually an irritable uterus and NOT pre-term labor contraxs.



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I don't have any personal experience with this, but I have a friend who was on all that stuff with her 2nd baby. She was also on bedrest for 4 months. She and the doctors thought that she would go immediately into labor as soon as the meds were stopped. BIG surprise. She went off, they waited and waited. It turned out she never did go into labor and then had to be induced. I guess there is no way to know. Congrats and good luck mama!!



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Hello D.,
It sounds like we have similiar circumstances. My 5 year old was born 6 weeks early, my 2nd heavenly baby was born at 24 weeks, and my 3rd baby was born 2 weeks early and I was on bedrest, in the hospital most of the time, for 12 weeks due to placenta previa and pre-term labor. I was on Nifedipine also~ boy we had a difficult time getting this prescription - we could only find it @ the hospital pharmacy. The day my Dr. took me off of the Nifedipine I started having contractions. I was actually having them before, but I could not feel them due to the medication. He did decide to do a C-section that night.

Wishing yo the very best.



answers from Detroit on

I was on Procardia with my twins for the last three months due to constant contractions. They were born about 25 hours after my last dose and labor and delivery went pretty quickly without any issues. Good Luck!

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