Water Birth

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K.M. asks from Portland

My first birth was a very long and painful induction, which resulted in an epidural ( something I was very strongly against before this ), I am doing all I can to pre...


Home Waterbirth

J.A. asks from Minneapolis

I am having my first baby in April and I am interested in a home water birth. Can anyone tell me how much this costs? I am also looking into hospitals but would pref...


Water Births

N.M. asks from Detroit

Hi im going to be giving birth soon and was cosidering a water birth but dont know any thing about them is there any one who can inform me on this


Water Births

A.P. asks from Denver

I was wanting to learn more about water/tub births. I had my first child in a hospital with an epidural and did not really like the experience. I was hoping for one i...


How was your experience with water birth?

L.C. asks from Portland

I just found out that the hospital that I will be delivering at is now offering water births. I've been doing some research on it and am wondering if any of you have...


Water Birth or Not?

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

I'm due at the November 18 with my second child. I'm very interested in doing a water birth but I'm not sure where they even offer this option. I'm in Eagan, MN but a...


Water Births & Squating While Giving Birth?

V.W. asks from Madison

I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and due March 31st, so I still have some time to decide this... I'm planning on having a midwife and I recently looked at the Birth Center righ...


Waterbirth Presbyterian of Plano

E.L. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if this hospital has a waterbirthing center? or if you can rent a tub and take it in there?


Water Birth And/or Hypno-birthing

S.P. asks from Indianapolis

Hi all. I am looking into both options. Anyone have experience with either. Baby #1 was a natural birth, but the most painful part was when I was in the bed instea...


Info on Water Birth

K.M. asks from Johnson City

Hello everyone. I am 7 weeks pregnant and we are going to a different doctor and hospital for the birth of our second child. This new hospital offers you to have a wa...