What Age Is Appropriate to Begin Leaving Your Children Home Alone....?

Updated on September 03, 2007
R.S. asks from Cerritos, CA
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I wanted to get some opinions on what age would be appropriate to begin leaving children at home alone, not necessarily for extednded periods of time or over night or anything, but like local trips to the grocery store or gas station? Working with children, I understand this would vary dependent upon the level of maturity and responisibility of the individual children, but I was just curious as to when some of you moms out there made this decision and what the outcome was when you finally did. I have an 8 year old girl, but at this point she still wants to go with me EVERYWHERE!! Thanks so much for your advice!!!!!

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There are actually laws about how old a child must be before he or she can be left alone legally. I would caution on this side of things.. if ever something were to happen while you were gone, it could be considered child abusse for leaving your child alone too early in life..

check into it before you start to make those decisions. I have run down to the corner newstand to pick up a paper and told the kids I was doing this first.. and that was okay.. but I wouldn't really go to the market for a full grocery shop yet.. I have an 8 year old too.

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Well... it all depends on how mature they are. For example i know some kids that shouldn't be left at home alone cause they are to immature and on the other hand i know some other kids that should be left at home.
If she doesn't want to be left alone, and you need to. Then she should have a pet dog or something that can help her just in case someone comes and tries to break in.
She shouldn't tell her friends over the phone that shes home alone. Because sometimes when the phone rings (the neighbor thinks its there phone and they also pick it up at the same time) and they can hear all the stuff that your daughter may be saying.
dont 4get 2 tell me wat happenz
good luck

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i started leaving my kids home alone right after my oldest turned 13 (my daughters are 7, 9, 13 y/o)... sometimes i leave my 7 and 9 year old alone, but, my parents live to my left and my brother lives to my right... if my family didnt live next door then i wouldnt leave them at home... i think 13-14 years old is ok depending on how mature and responsible they are... it also helps if you have a trusted neighbor keep an eye out for you while your gone...

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