Home Alone

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Home Alone

P.F. asks from Chicago

My son is 10. I have just started leaving him home alone for about an hour maybe a little more (if his behavior has been responsible). What do you all think about whe...


Home Alone

H.T. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if there is a law regarding to how old a kid must be to babysit or stay at home alone? If you are not aware of any laws, your opinion of the appropri...


Home Alone

V.P. asks from Dallas

After many years of therapy (still continuing) both of my children have overcome many of their emotional issues and we have been having good years recently. My daugh...


Home Alone

M.W. asks from Port St. Lucie

Dear Moms, I need advice on a situation that I've been dealing with for the past two weeks. I have noticed that a child that lives in my area is being left home alone...


Home Alone

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

I have a friend that just told me that she is leaving her four kids at home alone, in the middle of no where, at night. Both her and her man are working the night sh...


So Alone

J.A. asks from Denver

I am so alone. LOL Okay I don't want to piss anyone off because this is not a sad post (thank goodness) whew I am absolutley all by myself for the first time in DAYS...



C.C. asks from Washington DC

Ok this is going to sound funny but my 17 y/o is staying at a friends since they do not have school Monday, my 2 y/o & 1 y/o are in bed and my husband is in Belize on...


Staying Home Alone

A.G. asks from Boston

What age did you start letting your children stay home alone? How long did they stay alone? What kind of rules did you have? Did you live in a house or apartment with...


Kids Home Alone

V.B. asks from Dallas

Hello to All, I always have the images of 'Home alone" and what risks I should or should not take as far as leaving my kids at home without an adult supervision. I ...