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Goody Bags for 12-23 Month Olds

As a former teacher of kids this age, stay away from food. If a child has a milk allergy, you can bet pretty much any cookies will be off limits and parents ...

Arts and Crafts Ideas

Since your kids are still at that age where they might be tempted to put small, shiny, ... Kumon makes a simplified origami workbook for kids ages 2 and up, ...

Two Kids with Two Different Schedules

Until recently, both my kids would go to bed around 8. ... the family tots at this agetheirclocks are changing anyways as they growso think of it ascoaching ...

What Age Should They Be Going to Sleep on Their Own?

It worked wonders for my kids when they were around your daughters age. Let me know if you are having trouble finding the book and I will see if I can help ...

When Did You Let Your Kids Brush Teeth by Themselves

I was just wondering when other moms started letting their kids brush their teeth by themselves. ... I started letting my daughter brush her teeth at age 4. ...

Scheduling Two Kids' Naptimes???

I know it's not always easy You are lucky that your kids DO nap Many dont or it's a struggle .... all kids need · kids age · age of having kids · age kids ...

Nightmares at This Age?

Children very often start to wake at night at this age It comes with the .... Cherished Gifts That Kids Can Make ... age for kids · age for having kids ...

What Age Should a Child Recognize Letters and Numbers??

The teachers goal is to have all the kids know them by the age of 5. So, don't stress. Your son is not behind, and will learn them in time. Helpful? ...

Wide-width Shoes for a Toddler

Most kids that age have wide feet. It's part of being a toddler. I do have to say though, when we switched our kids to stride rite shoes they were happier. ...

Hitting and Pushing Younger Kids

Oct 1, 2009 ... Hitting and Pushing Younger Kids. Hello Moms ... the boss and older because he is fine and well behaved around kids his age Any advice would ...
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  • brush their own teeth in 3 answers "I usually have my kids brush their own teeth and I follow up with a few brushes."
  • than the stride rite in 2 answers "... sizes, JCPenney carries Stride Rite for much, much cheaper than the Stride Rite ..."
  • learning letters and numbers in 2 answers "... that some where between 4 and 5 is when they begin learning letters and numbers."
  • remove him from the situation in 2 answers "I won't let you hit." Then remove him from the situation - immediate time out."
  • from the dollar store in 2 answers "Stickers, fruit snacks, animal crackers, little books (from the dollar store), pads ..."