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What Age Do You Use a Family Doctor Rather Then a Pediatrician

my 15 yr old still sees a pedi...and when in hospitals they have all children under the age of 18 in the pedi unit for their protection (its a locked ...

Age Limit for Sharing a Room

the law in question is for foster care - if you are fostering then children under the age of 5 can share a room. After that they have to have thier own room ...

Clear Speaking @ What Age?

Most babies don't really start forming their words until the age of 2 years. ... However, all children are different. He does not stop talking now. ...

Struggling with My Children .. Is It Them or Me????

Sep 29, 2009 ... She has been since about 5 months of age. She naps well, sleeps well and is a sweet..." ... Next question Raising a Child with ADHD ...

Vision Screening: What Age?

I was just in the peds office and the ped association is recommending they start screening children in their office at age 3. I'm sure if you think your ...

Seeking Books/advice Dealing with Perfectionism in Children

I wonder how much time she spends with other children her age My husband was an only child & was not able to attend school for almost 2 years~they lived in ...

What Age Did You Switch Your Child to the "Big Kid" Bed??

Read all 13 responses: "Okay Moms, My son is now 2 1/2 and I'm having another one in less than 2 weeks but my 2 yr old is still in his crib.

What Is the Legal Age in in That a Child Can Be Left at Home Alone?

Julie H added this item : Unfortunately, children this age are exposed to more information than we ever were! On top of that, some girls are hitting puberty ...

Child Modeling

My youngest ended up being around a lot of adults and no children his own age because we were kind of isolated where we live. When he did start school, ...

Seeking Advice on Dealing with My Rude Teen Age Daughter (15 Yrs)

Read all 9 responses: "I need help dealing with my teen age daughter. She is rude and testing. ... best age to have children · age to have children ...
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  • they can share a room in 2 answers "... i think until they actually need thier privacy (12 or 13) they can share a room ..."
  • lay down the law in 2 answers "Lay down the law now or it will only get worse."
  • hard time dealing in 2 answers "Having been a perfectionist growing up and having a hard time dealing with criticism ..."
  • big boy bed in 2 answers "... had their own crib for a little while (about a year). I used the big boy bed ..."
  • eye doctor in 5 answers "I recently was at the eye doctor myself and they had a pamplet that they are encouraging ..."