Texas Tech Infant Wear

Updated on November 17, 2008
A.M. asks from Plano, TX
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I'm looking for baby boutiques that sell Texas Tech infant wear -- onesies, hats, booties, etc! I'd prefer shops in the Collin County or Richardson areas. Thank you!!

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answers from Dallas on

I have always found the options online lacking--usually all of the Tech online sources are out of stock or overpriced. It's also frustrating because the sizes are usually jacked up--I know I ordered a 12-18 month onesie once and luckily thought to try it on my 3 month old...it fit!

From what I hear, Red Raider Outfitter is opening a co-op store at Mockingbird Station...they'll have a booth there with other universities. Could be helpful, even if it's a drive.

You won't believe the Tech baby stuff you'll find at the Sam Moon luggage store--caps, booties, socks, pacifiers, sippy cups, etc...not much clothing, but GOBS of baby Raider gear. I went to the one in Frisco and found lots to fill a gift bag for a friend.



answers from Dallas on

There is a vendor in the hallway of Collin Creek mall who has college wear incl. Texas Tech. Also, sometimes I see stuff at the JC Penny at Valley View - I have gotten my daughter a tech cheerleader outfit there. And Sam Moon in Dallas has Tech stuff but not sure if he has babywear. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Babies R Us has some.


answers from Dallas on

I second the places in the mall. I have seen a ocuple of them at Collin Creek and I believe Stonebriar.

Also, another thought is to get online at the school webiste and order fromt he school store. I buy a lot of Duke stuff from the online store/catalog.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I know you asked for something locally; however, with a husband who's an alum and a daughter who's a current Red Raider, I use Red Raider Outfitters. www.redraideroutfitter.com/

They do have infant wear in lots of styles.

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