Terrible Teething Pain . . . HELP!

Updated on August 29, 2011
S.T. asks from Denver, CO
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Oh my goodness, my poor little guy (9 mo) seems to have had teeth so close to cutting through for months now. The ped said they were REALLY close and might even pop through this (past) weekend. No teeth yet, but he woke up just two hours after he went to sleep last night (very unusual) screaming, and it had to have been his teeth. He has been SO crabby today. He'll be fine for five minutes, then just have a complete meltdown. I've been staying on top of the medication (ibuprofen) and I try to offer him teething toys, nursing, cold washcloths, etc. I put an ice cube in a wash cloth and held it to his gums; he was happy for about three minutes, then pushed it away and continues to scream!!! Will they ever pop through?? I feel terrible for him! . . . And I'M ready to scream!!!

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answers from Dayton on

I swear by my son's amber teething necklace.
Have I already told you that? Forgive me, if I have...
He is cutting 8 teeth right now. 4 are molars!
They are taking their sweet time.
He had maybe 2 bad days w/ them and that was almost 2 months ago.


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answers from Kansas City on

Amber necklaces are amazing. They are worth the investment.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Awwww...poor little guy.
Have you frozen wet washcloths? Baby washcloths...LOTS of them!
Wet, quarter fold & freeze in a ziplock bag.
Please be very careful if using Orajel...only a tiny dab ON the site. Too much can numb their throats and they can choke.
Cold yogurt? Cold ice cream (soft serve)?

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answers from Dallas on

To help ease the discomfort, I put some ice cubes in a ziploc bag, and crushed them in very very very small pieces using a meat tenderizor (clean of course). I then put the ice chips in a bowl and gave them to the baby in his high chair. It was perfect, b/c the chips were so small that they would melt almost immediately when they hit his mouth and sooo cold that it would help with his tooth pain as well as help hydrate him since the continuous drooling would cause him to lose alot of fluids. Eventually I got a mini-snow cone machine and used that to grind up the ice. Sometimes I would maybe add some orange/apple juice for flavor. Worked like a charm!

Also, other great snacks are frozen bananas or frozen bagals. I would reccommend maybe putting some counter pressure on his gums to help the teeth cut through and of course push the Motrin/Tylenol.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Oh! Poor little guy...and poor you. It's so hard to see them in such pain, and week after week with no relief (for either of you) is hard on everyone. Both my boys went through this - very little sleep, agitated, crying, drooling and everyone gets so over tired to boot. Neither of my kids responded well to ibuprofen. I'm not sure why, but Tylenol gave them much better relief. It took about 30 minutes to kick in...then it would be like I had a different child. Unfortunately, it only last for 4 hours, and not 8, but I was much happier to wake up and give more Tylenol once during the night, rather than being up all night with a baby with the miseries, or nursing all night. Have you tried Tylenol? I hope those teeth break through soon! Don't you just hate it when you swear you see a tooth...then the next time you look it has gone back down? Sigh. I hope you both sleep well tonight.

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answers from Dallas on

You can ask your ped, but I've heard of rotating between Tylenol and ibuprofen...so about three hours into ibuprofen, you'd be giving Tylenol. Some kids teeth really hard. My oldest and third are like that. It's awful. I hope he feels better. And, yes, they will pop through one day! It seems like it can take forever. There are two types of teething - one where the teeth move up within the gums. Still painful, but teeth don't end up popping out from it. Then there is cutting the teeth. Teething is NOT FUN.

I hope he cuts them soon.

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answers from Savannah on

My 9 month old has 4 already and I feel your pain! As far as medication, we use tylonol instead of ibuprofen, and just right before bed. I have not used ibuprofen, so I am not sure if there is a difference. We have also tried orajel but my son HATED it. We then tried Hyland's teething gel, which does not numb, but soothes instead. This was OK but the effects did not last very long. After trying that, we tried Humphry's teething pellets. They did the trick, but were a pain to use because you have to dissolve them in water before you apply, so not very convenient if you are out and about. Once Hyland's teething tablets came back out, we were able to use those (found them at Walmart in the baby section) and they were the best by far! They dissolve quickly and get to work fast.

As for objects, my son really likes the cold of teething rings, but he does not like to hold the cold in his hand for a long time. We use a circular teething ring with 2 plastic spots just big enough for baby hands. We also use an apple teething ring where the apple is the cold part, but there is a ring at the bottom to hold. He also uses a mesh bag feeder with a handle. I put frozen fruit and he gets the cold as well as some flavor. The rings that link together are great for teething too. My son will take one and when he gets bored move on to another, and then another.

I was at a party and saw a mother with one of those teething necklaces. She swore by it. You can get them on amazon:
They are not very expensive and it does double duty: accesorizing your outfit while baby teethes. The only downside is that you have to hold your baby while teething on it. If you are already walking around the house with the baby trying to calm, then great, or you can sit the baby on your lap for a while, but my 9 month old is too wiggly for that.

They will come soon but in the mean time, GOOD LUCK!

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answers from Miami on

I'm so sorry I know its hard for your little guy. Care on the ibuprofen though with all that ice. Lowers the temps even more. Mine use to use a cold wash cloth corner to suck on. I hope he feels better soon.

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answers from Jacksonville on

My daughter had the same thing happen around 9 months old. My ped recommended alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen like you would do for a fever. We also used hyland's teething tablets,which are now back on the market, and orajel. It was BAD...she didn't want to eat, drink or sleep. :/ We made it through though. :) Hope your little one starts feeling better soon!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I rubbed Infant Orajel on my baby's gums every so often.
It's temporary soothing but I used it as often at the tube said I could apply it.
That seemed to help.
I also tried Hyland teething tablets (they dissolve in mouth). Used that too.
Then Infant Tylenol (I saved the Infant Motrin for molars).
I would definitely recommend the Infant Tylenol because that seemed to help the most when it hurt the worst.
I, too, let him suck on a corner of washcloth dipped in cool water.
Trying all the above seemed to help ease the pain some.
Hang in there and try each thing to find what works best for your baby.

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