Teething at 3 Months?! - Oldsmar,FL

Updated on July 24, 2014
M.L. asks from Oldsmar, FL
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My baby will be 3 months on 7/29 and he's already teething...I thought I had more time? What will help his pain besides baby Tylenol?

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answers from Chicago on

My Son cut his first two teeth at 11 weeks old. :(.

Frozen rags
Frozen teething toys
Frozen paci.

Good luck

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answers from Chattanooga on

My daughter teethed this young-I could see and feel them beneath her gums... But none actually erupted until she was 6 months. It seemed like they would push to the brink, then recede again. It was aggravating.

My DD's favorite tether was a frozen washcloth. Get it damp, then freeze it.

She also liked ice cubes (I often made them with frozen breastmilk, or you could use formula...) in mesh feeders. (When he is older and on solid foods, frozen bananas or baby food worked just as well.)

Teething Tablets worked amazingly well for my DD too. I can't remember if you can give gem so young, but would be worth checking. I found Hyland's to be the best... The only other brand I could find in the stores wouldn't dissolve... The Hyland's ones dissolve almost immediately, so there is no choking hazard at all.

Otherwise, just think cold and chewy. Some babies like textured teething toys, but my DD was happier with smooth ones. (Especially if the plastic squeaked when her gums rubbed it... She loved it, while I gritted my teeth and decided the infernal squeaking was better than listening to my child in pain. Lol.)

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answers from Boston on

Mine got a tooth at 4 months so 3 months is certainly possible. Ice can help - there are teething rings you can freeze, and a lot of people use a wet washcloth that they wet and freeze, and the baby sucks on it. The thicker terry cloth is better than a rag because it has a rough surface, and also because it holds the "freeze" a bit longer. You could cut up an old washcloth and then freeze it in sections so there are always a few in reserve. He's too young for teething food products because he really does't know how to swallow pieces that break off, so forget those. You can ask the pedi about baby orajel but most people find it doesn't last all that long so it may be of limited help anyway.

Remember that teething can increase saliva which can increase diarrhea and/or diaper rash. If that happens, don't be alarmed. Just another hassle.

Good luck! It's such a pain when you can't do much!

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answers from Albuquerque on

Do not freeze the rings, it does not help, instead refrigerate it- and all babies are unique like yours and they can teethe at any time :) anything cold (not hard frozen) will give them relief- like an ice pops that come in plastic sleeve (such as fla.vor.ice take out of freezer for 5 min so it softens a bit works just like a ring- Orajel works for about 30 min. i would save that for bedtime since it can help them fall asleep - Good Luck!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Just rub the gums. I would NOT give my baby anything else.

I used teething tablets with my granddaughter. I used them less than the box said was the maximum dose. So she was using less.

I ended up taking her to the ER because she was listless and wasn't attentive to anything.

The ER doc told me she wasn't processing the med in the teething tablets. When I understood that the stuff in them was Bella Donna I stopped using them.

You have no idea how your child will process or react to a drug/home remedy.

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answers from Columbia on

:) Both my boys popped their first teeth at about 3 and a half months. We wet and wring out washcloths and put them into the freezer. They loved chewing them.

OH...I almost forgot, I didn't use them but I know a few friends who have had great luck with amber necklaces. The baby doesn't chew on them, he wears it. The amber against his skin has a slow release analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Read more about it here (don't write it off as quackery yet!) : http://blogs.babycenter.com/products_and_prizes/amber-tee...

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answers from Springfield on

I found ibuprofen to be more effective than Tylenol.

You can try using these:


I put pieces of apple in them (no skin), so my son could eat them without there being a risk of choking. Some of my friends would put ice cubs in them so baby could chew on the ice cubes.

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answers from Portland on

My dd had her first 2 bottom teeth at 2 months, so yep, it is possible and probable. She would not eat/chew on anything cold. We used Hyland's Teething Tablets. These were a life saver and I would recommend them to everyone. They are made for infants. Also, tylenol or motrin is good as well. A binky might be a good idea as well, as my little one loved hers. One good thing about teeth coming in early, is that you get it over with faster. DD was done with her whole mouth except 3 yr molars by 12 months. She had the molars by 18 months. Crazy huh?



answers from Seattle on

Give her something cool to gnaw on. Frozen washcloth, teething ring, ... Neither of mine were particularly bothered, although one drooled an awful lot. Mine got their first teeth in at 4 months and just under 5 months.


answers from San Diego on

My third child surprised us with teething that early. My first 2 didn't start getting their first tooth until closer to 6 months. A friend of ours mentioned that she was drooling and probably teething, I couldn't grasp that she could be that early. Close to 4 months old though, there was that first sharp tooth as she bit down on my finger while at a big activity. Everyone around giggled at me as I exclaimed loudly in surprise.
At that age you don't want to give them things like teether biscuits or anything food as they don't know how to properly chew or swallow yet. We gave her things like washcloths to chew on, teethers (our favorites are made by Avent, the same as the bottle and breast pump supplies company and usually sold in the section as their other breast feeding aid supplies). We also had lots of soft toys that could be thrown in the wash on a regular basis as they chewed on them. Don't use any of those topical medications like Baby Orajel. They don't really work as the saliva washed them away pretty quick. They can also cause problems and it's a common allergen (I am actually allergic to the active ingredient in them as a matter of fact). Tylenol helps if the pain is keeping them from sleeping, or keeps them from wanting to eat. Otherwise I would leave it be.



answers from Tampa on

Thank you very much ladies!



answers from New York on

Mine didn't seem to be much bothered by the teething. That said, I've heard of parents using frozen waffles, mini bagels, teething biscuits, washcloths soaked in tomato juice, cold teethers, their own finger (in a pinch).

We used baby orajel. It seemed to help.

clove oil can be used for adult tooth pain, but I don't know if it is approved for infants.

F. B.

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