Small Spot on leg...what Could This Be?

Updated on July 14, 2011
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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I have a small spot on my leg. My calf actually. Kind of like a freckle but not exactly a freckle. Almost like a mole, but not a mole. It's not raised and is about half the size of a raisin. It doesn't hurt or itch. It's been there for a while now. What could this be? Should I go to a doctor? What kind of doctor?

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answers from Richmond on

I have a few of those. As long as it's not showing any of the signs of being pre-cancerous or cancerous, it's probably (gasp! dare I saw?) an age spot. Like I said, I have a few of those, and I'm only 27. They're just... there. If you're worried, go to the dermatologist, but it's probably not anything to worry about.

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I'd just go get it checked if you're worried. Go to a dermatolagist. They'll run a biopsy if they think it's suspicious. If it is something worrisome, it's better to catch it early. If you wait, then it could become a problem. Good luck. You'll be okay either way.

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Point it out to your PCP and see if it warrants a trip to the dermatologist.

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Is it flesh colored and raised and crusty? If so, it's likely a nasty little skin thing (sorry, don't have a good name for it) - they come with age. But do go get it checked out. I only play a doctor online. :)

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Geez Denise call the doctor! lol {{{Sorry}}}

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if it's an irregular shape, I would go to a dermatologist to have it checked out - especially if it just got bigger or changed in any way - got darker, etc..

Get it checked out - I need my Liberal side here to counter-balance me! :)

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Get to your primary care doctor, although if you already have a dermatologist then go straight to your dermatologist. It would be good to get it checked out, especially if it's oddly shaped or there aren't any hairs growing out of it.

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I have so many spots, moles, etc of various sizes and shapes, I probably would not notice if I got a new O. :-))) I have done mole checks with a dermatologist a couple of times. They take pictures and record everything so they can see if there are any changes over time.

You want to get it checked for sure if it is not uniform in color or does not have smooth edges. It was almost impossible to get an appointment from a dermatologist in my area (they have full schedules) so I went to a dermatologist nurse practitioner and she was great.

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It could be lots of things, mostly benign. But there is the possibility that it is something skin cancer related. Is it flaky at all? Basal cell carcinoma usually has a flaky appearance. I've had it. I've also had lots of "moles" removed that were pre-cancerous (varying degrees of dysplasia), and honestly, what they removed were NOT the moles I thought might be problematic. Even with the general knowledge that most of the public has about the kinds of moles that should be checked (uneven borders, mottled colors, etc.), I still had no idea which ones were the bad ones... that is, the ones I thought were the bad ones were not. The pre-cancerous ones looked much more like freckles to me than moles... so I didn't pay attention to those. If it had not been for a bleeding mole on my arm that sort of forced me to go to the doctor (which turned out to be nothing), I might never have gone, and as it turns out, I've had more moles removed than I can count, and several had already progressed to severe dysplasia (near melanoma). So God does work in mysterious ways, what with sending me my "red flag" of sorts!

In any case, I'd at least have your family doc look at it, and he may refer you to a dermatologist. Either way, I'd get in to a dermatologist just to get a whole body scan for any potential problematic moles. If they don't find any, then you're good! But better to find them early if you have some. But of course, you know that. :)

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answers from Allentown on

Hi, Denise:
Go to a Dermatologist.
Good luck.

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