Melenoma Skin Cancer

Updated on November 26, 2008
J.F. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi Moms,

I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with melenoma skin cancer. It runs on my Dads side of family. I have several moles on my back that have been there all my life, but there was one that came up about 7 months ago and I just got it removed last week. The doc is now concerned about the other 4 and I get those off on May 8th. I am totally scared and just worrying myself. Has anyone else had this, and how was the outcome with yours? How long was the spot there before removing it? My main concern is the spreading, I really hope nothing has spread. Please let me know anything on this. Thanks.


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So What Happened?

So I had the other moles removed and they were nothing. I had more skin removed around the one that was melenoma and they got it all out. I went to see an oncologist and had my blood tested and lymph nodes checked, and all is fine. I am just going to pray that it is all gone for good and that it never returns. I would love to continue getting any information that anyone has on this, Thanks

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Hi J.,
First, don't worry. I had melanomma when I was 23, which was 20 years ago. Here's what I suggest.

Go to an oncologist that specializes in melanomma. Forget going to a dermatologist. This is serious, but very treatable. You need to be seen by an expert.

I don't know what kind of doctor is removing the other moles on May 8th but if it isn't an oncologist, cancel the appointment and get an appointment with an oncologist. You said the other moles had been there all your life, so there's not a huge hurry. Get them removed correctly by an expert.

The reason you need to see an oncologist is they are up on the most current treatments for cancer. You may only need surgery and no chemotherapy. But you will likely need surgery, not just a small removal area like a dermatologist would do. They need to remove the tissue around and under the melanomma to make sure it does not spread.

The moles that have been there forever are probably not melanomma, so don't worry.

My daughter's best friend's Dad is one of the top research doctors on melanomma in Dallas. He doesn't see patients, he does research on creating vaccines for preventing melanomma. I can ask him for some names of oncologists if you don't have one already.

Again, do not worry. It is very treatable. I'm alive 20 years later and I had Stage II melanomma and I've never had another. I did go to an oncologist UCLA for the surgery (because that's where I lived at the time) and mine was on my shoulder and had just shown up 6 months before it was diagnosed.

Email me if you want more info.



answers from Dallas on

here is the best website I have found that has anything melanoma related. it is a great resource and great comfort knowing there are people who have been there, and you can talk to live in chat for questions.

Did your oncologist not suggest interferon treatments? Even though it didn't spread my Oncologist has ne onb interferon to make sure it doesn't metastisize anywhere else in the future.

I'm so glad your test came back negative.




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Please don't worry unless there is a reason to worry. My mom just went through this in December. She had a mole that she had been watching for several months and finally went to the doctor. It was confirmed that it was melanoma. They removed it and tested the area around it and was able to remove it all. She has now had her first check since her surgery and she is GREAT and cancer free at the moment. Nothing new has come about and we're hoping that it doesn't. As long as you can catch it early and know the signs of what to look for with melanoma you should be fine.

I know this is a hard time though to just deal with the fact that you do have an agressive skin cancer. My mom had a hard time dealing with the fact of it. Just follow your doctors order and you will be fine. :)

Take care,



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Hi J.,
My oldest sister was diagnosed with malignant Melanoma skin cancer when she was only 19 yrs old which was now almost 8 yrs ago.
The mole was found on her leg and if it wasn't for my Mother (who is also a nurse) being so aware of the mole and knowing it just did not look normal, then her outcome might have been a different story.
Lucky enough for my sister, she had the surgery soon enough to remove the mole and she has been cancer free ever since.

You will need lots of help with your little ones after surgery since you will most likely be bed ridden for a while.
From what I remember, my sister was bed ridden for approx a week (maybe 2).
They removed a good portion of her tissue where the cancer had started to spread and were able to get it all.
Througout the years, she's had to have numerous moles removed and so far so good, the cancer has not come back.
However, from what we've learned, it can come back easily so you always have to be very cautious with sun exposure.

It was very shocking to learn such a dangerous cancer was found in our family considering no one in our family history has ever been diagnosed with this peticular cancer and our Mom was always SO cautious over us with the sun.
If the mole was only there for about 7 mths, you should not worry yourself to much. My sister's was on her leg for around that same time span before being removed and the cancer had not spread.
I know it's hard not to worry but you will be fine! Don't worry about the moles on your back that have been there for years. Your doctor's just trying to be safe which is a good thing but they will most likely be normal considering they've been there for so long.
They had to do the same thing to my sister where almost any abnormal mole she had left on her body was removed to basically be totally safe and no cancerous moles have ever come back.

Cancer is always such a scary thing for anyone to go through but you sound like you got your hands full as well with 2 little ones so just try to enjoy yourself with your babies and know that everything will be alright!
Good luck to you!
Feel free to email me with any questions!



answers from San Antonio on

I know this type of skin cancer is the most aggressive, but usually if they catch it early enough and are able remove all of it, then you should recover fine. My great-grandpa had it in his eye...they removed his eye and he lived for a long time after that. I also had a family friend with a melanoma on his scalp. Again, they removed it and he died from a stroke many years later. Since you are susceptible to this type of cancer you'll need to be much more careful when you leave the house. Wear lots of sunscreen and keep a watch on any new moles you notice. If they change color, are raised, and are not symmetrical, those are usually good signs they're cancerous. It sounds like you're doing pretty much everything you can right now. I hope everything turns out well for you. Try not to worry too much. Having a new baby is stressful enough!



answers from Albuquerque on

Hi J.. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I know how scared you must be. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma when I was 19 years old. But, I am proud to say that through treatment, I have now been in remission for 11 years! I also have a healthy, beautiful 3-year-old boy! I now try to do everything I possibly can to prevent ever getting cancer again. One of the biggest things for me is skincare. Melanoma runs in my family too. So, I do everything I can to protect my skin. I also use Arbonne International's skin care products exclusively because they are absolutely the best. I love the Anti-aging, Before Sun Skin Care Set. It includes lip balm, sunscreen for face and body, Hair and Scalp protectant with sunscreen, self tanner with sun screen, etc. Plus we have an awesome sunscreen for babies and children, and anyone with sensitive skin! If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to visit my website at: Good luck and good health! Take care,
M. O.
Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant
Arbonne International

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