Mole and Changing Color in My 2.5 Son, Help!

Updated on June 16, 2012
K.C. asks from Boise, ID
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HI, Hope someone might have info on this, tried looking on internet but so confusing. So, my 2.5 year old son has a mole on his shoulder close to middle of back. Its pretty small. It has been a brown color and smooth when you feel it, not raised. Well a few months ago, it looked weird, got darker and scabbed over. He was going into doctor anyways so took him in and she said just watch it and that it looks fine. Well, this week it went from a brown color back to looking completely normal and smooth to almost a darker red or maroon color, then after a few days scabbed over again and is raised. I took him back to his doctor. This is what she said, Lets keep watching it, it does not look "scary" yet, and that if she sends him to dermatology right now it will take forever to get him in, also he will just be rude like not enough going on yet to send him so dermatologist would just be annoyed at this point. That we defiantly need to watch it and if it changes again then she will send him to dermatology doctor. She also said that as far as she knows he might of scratched it for "the fun of it" and that's why it may have scabbed over, um well its in spot I am almost 100% positive he cant reach and there is no scratched anywhere on his back, and it changed colors before scab. My concern is her excuse for not sending him to have it really looked at yet is......Takes to long to be seen, Doctor will be rude, and he may have scratched it. Has anyone ever dealt with this and could give me advise that would be great. Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

Edit: with insurance we have on him you have to have referral to go to specialty doctors. I am going to call his pediatrician and tell her for peace of mind I want a referral to dermatologist just to be safe. Thanks so much for all responses
EDIT: So I called his pediatrician and left mesg on nurses line that I wanted a referral for sure over to a dermatologist due to I wanted peace of mind that it was nothing, and that way if it did take a long time to get in, that we can start wait now and not when it becomes "scary" as doctor called it. His pediatrician nor her nurse called me back! I left mesg around 1pm and the office open to 5pm. I will call back Monday morning demanding this time not asking nice for referral and if nothing by 12 I will be changing doctors. I am already on fence about changing just due to fact she still just wants to "watch" it to see if it changes a 3rd time! As mom I am not willing to do this nor willing to wait to see if it turns "scary" another term she used. Thanks so much for advise. Wish I could just make appointment my self but darn insurance requires his doctor to send referral, ugh so now I am left forcing her to do so.

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answers from Boise on

Back and demand a referral. They work for you and it is their job to give you a referral to a specialist if there's something you're concerned about. I see that you are in Boise try to get a referral to Jhon Hall, wonderful lady and has been a dermatologist for a very long time.

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Ditto Candice M. If you dont need a referral, just make the dermatologist appointment yourself. If you do need a referral, call your primary doctor and just tell them, hey I am not comfortable waiting longer, I want it checked out now, and (nicely) demand the referal. Its probably fine, but why wait and wonder when you can find out for sure.

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wow, I would go and get a 2nd opinion. She seems very rude. You would think that if it takes a while to get an appointment, then you should schedule it now, that way you can make sure to get in sometime. Do you have to have a referal to see a dermatologist? If not, I would just go and make the appointment with out it. You know you son and if you have already been keeping an eye on it, and you gut is telling you to have it checked out, then do it. I wouldn't wait. I've already had 2 spots removed and both came back abnormal and I'm about to go for my yearly dermatologist check up next month. I have a couple more spots that I'm a little worried about.
Good luck!

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answers from Missoula on

I would get a second opinion and get it checked out... It's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry...

The whole 'dermatologist would be annoyed at this point' is pretty darn stupid... You (or your insurance) PAYS for the service, so it's really not up to them whether it's "worth" looking at or not...

I don't know of a single COMPETENT dermatologist who would be annoyed with getting a mole checked out, whether you have a reason or not. I think your pediatrician is being lazy, and I would find a new one. Any doctor who would ignore something that has been going on for a few MONTHS now isn't one I would want to be seeing any more...

Although, I will say this... My little sister had a mole on her back, that she scratched up when she slid down the door. (Trying to sit down with the door supporting her back...) It caught on something, or maybe the friction of her shirt caused it... There were no other marks on her back, but that mole sure got freaky for a while, and it did grow back bigger than it's original size. She never had any issues with it.

I still say to get it checked out though... like I said, better safe than sorry. :)

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answers from Phoenix on

you need to force the issue. my son has 2 moles. one changed shape and his dr right away sent him to the dermatologist. even if she doesnt think its something to worry about you dont want to worry. be strong and force the issue

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm a mole -y person and have had several removed and some have been pre-cancerous. From what you've described, this sounds like it needs to be looked into further by an actual dermatologist and I'm dismayed your pedi keeps telling you to keep an eye on it. The fact that it's changing colors, scabbing and bleeding is a sign that my dermatologists have acted on immediately by removing the mole. I'd take care of this right away. BTW, has he said that it itches? Another warning.

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answers from Billings on

Call the dermatolgoist and tell them what is happening...they can ask your Ped for a referral! This may get your ped's butt in gear! I have gone around other doctors like this is the past and it has worked for us! GL!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Given your child's pediatrician's lack of concern in addressing your concerns, I'd start looking for a new pediatrician.

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answers from Lansing on

I'm guessing your son's pediatrician is confident the mole is fine. But, for peace of mind I would just either go directly to the dermatologist or ask your Dr for the referral.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a friend that has a larger mole, maybe half inch in size, that is usually flat. It is on her left arm. The mole is usually a brownish color but during the summer, changes to a darker more reddish tint. Sometimes it also scabbed during hot weather. The doc contributed the change to the sun and activity, and she could have scratched it without realizing. Your ped's reason for not sending him in is, I'll say it, STUPID. At least have an appt made so that it is there in case it does change again. I tried to make a derm appt for my son last month and the earliest I could get in is first week of August.
I have some freckles that have gotten scabs and I noticed it is usually when I was outside for some time with short sleeves. I had them checked and they are just normal freckles that can be affected by the sun.

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answers from Dallas on

Just make him an appt. at a pediatric dermatologist. My husband gets moles looked at all the time and removing them only takes a minute or two if need be.

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answers from Washington DC on

As far as it getting scratched in a hard to reach location, it is possible. Perhaps you used a washcloth that irritated it?

I would take dated pictures of it so that you have visual documentation for the doctor. Any dermatologist is going to be starting from scratch. If you have the pictures, it will help him take your concerns more to heart.

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