Mole on Son's Head

Updated on March 27, 2008
R.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi there everyone. My two year old son has a mole on his head. He has had it since he was a wee one. The pediatrician has seen it and she has said that it's from the sun. So, we have been wearing hats and sunscreen. All that good stuff. Since it first began, I have noticed that's it is darker. I told the doc about it. Her call is that that's what happens when the sun hits moles. We are a fair Irish bunch around here. Anyway, she said I could go to a pediatric dermatologist to check it out to get peace of mind. I did find one, but I can't get in to see him until the end of April. I just want to know if anyone has been through something similar. It doesn't look raised or bigger. Just darker. And I'm trying not to panic. Should I find another doctor to get in quicker? And if so, does anyone know of a good pediatric dermatologist in the West Hollywood area? Or does anyone have nice calm words of wisdom to share that would be helpful in alleviating anxiety about it. Please no horror stories! I'm a very sensitive, easily panicked person. I just want calming rational kind responses to this. Thank you so much.

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So What Happened?

Hi there -

I just want to say thank you for the helpful responses. I feel so much better and not as worried. I'm going to be patient and wait for the appointment and stay calm and relaxed. Again, thank you so much.

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my son just had his mole removed from his toe. the pediatric dermotogist our doctor recommended is Dr. Angela Castellano. She has a private practice in Sherman Oaks. ###-###-####. We received an appointment relatively quickly. We received an appoinment relatively quickly.

She is very knowledgeable!



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I've personally had several moles removed and one did turn out to be pre-cancerous. Although, scary, especially in a small child, moles don't change extremely fast so you have the time to wait until the dermatologist can take a look. If it is changing and doesn't look safe, it's not a major procedure to have it removed. When my (pre-cancerous) mole started changing, it was quite obvious to me. I just looked down one day and it was all crazy looking. irregular borders and it wasn't all the same color. My nephew was also born with quite a large mole on his chest. His doctor waited until he was about 5 and then removed it just to be safe. But it never changed in all that time. It'll be fine, try not to worry too much between now and then. April is literally right around the corner : )



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I used a great ped. derm in the valley for my baby. Angela Castellano in Sherman Oaks. ###-###-####. It's really not that far if you take Laurel Canyon over the hill. (I used to live in WeHo). She was very thorough and found stuff that our pediatrician mi -diagnosed.
Good Luck!



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Hi, R.,

My 20-month-old son has had a congenital nevus (a mole) on his leg since he was born. It is black, flat and slightly bumpy but not hairy. It now measures approx. 3/4"x2" and will expand he he ages. I estimate that if we leave it alone, it will expand to at least 2"x4". I took him to a ped. dermatologist, who said that it will probably not lead to melanoma, but that we could get it removed when he was old enough to sit still (maybe 6 or 7)to lower the odds of him developing this disease. He will probably need three operations while under local anasthesia to remove the mole. He will have a large scar, but it will still probably look better than a very large, dark mole. Obnoxious people still repeatedly ask us what's wrong with him. REALLY annoying.

I don't know much about your son's case, but if I were you, I would keep his head covered with a hat or sunscreen (as you have been) and just relax until your son's appointment. You are doing the right thing.

Good luck,
Lynne E



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I think it's great you are being so vigilant about the mole. My son was also born with several moles which we are watching closely. Sunscreen, and hat are great and you have time to wait until the end of April for his dermatology appointment. Just stress to the dermatologist you want to have either 6 or 12 month follow ups to keep an eye on it. Prevention is the key with melanoma's and other skin cancers, so if removing it is not an option just yet, having someone who can document it's appearance over time is the best management course.
Good luck



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Try Lisa Benest Dermatology in Burbank ###-###-####. You may not be able to see Dr. Benest immediately, but you can see if she has any cancellations. You will be able to see Dr. Rush, (female) who is also wonderful and good with kids. They are general dermatologists, but see all ages, and many children. I am a Naturopath who works in the practice, so if you need a Nutrition or Natural Medicine consult, I also work with kids.


Dr. A. Dunev

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