Semi Truck Birthday Party for 3 Year Old Son Help with Ideas

Updated on September 15, 2010
T.T. asks from Stewartville, MN
4 answers

My son will be 3 in October and wants a semi truck themed birthday party. I have been looking all over the internet for ideas for party favors, games, and decorations. NO SUCH LUCK!! Anyone have ideas or know of a place I can get decorations. Please help!!

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answers from Sacramento on

See what you can find with the character Mack from the movie Cars. I suspect if you do a search for items with this character (and brand of semi truck), you'll turn up some options. Also, you might contact the marketing departments for truck companies like Peterbilt, Mack and Freightliner to see if they have any promotional materials that can help you out. My dad worked for Peterbilt corporate for decades and I remember they handed out tons of free promotional materials at their trade shows.

Good luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

just buy cute lil mini trucks (like hot wheel size) if you can.. put them in party favor bags.. if you can't find those, does it have to specifically be semi trucks, or will other trucks do? I ask because you can also buy tonka trucks.. depending on how much you want to spend.. maybe 10 bucks a kid... and buy each a truck of their own. 10 may sound like a lot but some spend that and more on those goodie bags.. keep it simple..
as for decorations, try a CRAFT Store.. you might have better luck... you can buy blank or colored paper and they have all kinds of THEMED stickers... I am sure they will have trucks.. decorate using those..
it's easy.. you can buy your own party hats too and just stick the truck stickers on them.. you might even find truck stencils .. nowadays, craft stores have so much.. they might even have coloring books with trucks.. so you could do crayons and coloring books...
check around as some stores are better than others..
best of luck


answers from Houston on

Sounds fun!

here is a cute semi truck cookie cutter;

get digital graphics made for him:

these would be a cute pack, and she can do the semi truck image instead:

as for decorations, just do everything in the truck color, and then get one big semi balloon for the center of the table. Cuts down cost and stil creates a theme.

she may be able to do this in a truck theme:

some cute semi truck cake ideas:

or, when I did a robot party for my son, I got posterboard, and drew robots on them to make games and decorations.



answers from Denver on

I did this for my son's birthday as well. It was dump truck instead of semi-truck but the same basic idea. Here is what I did:

- For the party favors I bought cheap plastic trucks and filled them with candy and treats. You just need to be sure your trailors on the trucks can open so you can put treats inside.

- I made the cake myself and it was a 3-d version of a truck and used oreo cookies for the dirt road

- I drew a truck on poster board and then cut out dirt to do "Pin the Dirt on the Dump Truck" so you can do the chassie of the truck and cut out the trailor of the semi and do "Pin the Trailor on the Semi"

- For the decorations on the table, I chose a color theme (I used red, yellow and blue), put the cake in the middle and then got a bunch of little plastic trucks from the dollar store and scattered them around like confetti. I also got matching streamers and lots of baloons

I cannot think of what else I did, but this is a start.

Good luck!

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