3 Year Old Boy's Birthday Party

Updated on December 28, 2010
W.D. asks from Sunray, TX
8 answers

Does anybody have any suggestions, for a 3 year old Boy's Birthday party?

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answers from Washington DC on

What is he into? My nephew loves Thomas the Tank Engine and so his parents did a Thomas theme party. (Thomas cake, plates, napkins, etc...)

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answers from Sacramento on

My son turned 3 earlier this month and we had a firetruck birthday. We held it at a park that is adjacent to a fire station. We had a fire truck pinata with individual fire truck boxes for the candy, fire truck red velvet cupcakes, fire trucks to play with, a guided tour of the fire station, and fire truck hats. Kids of all ages had fun, and even the adults seemed to like the tour.

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answers from Kansas City on

We are having a swim party at the community center for my son's 3rd birthday this weekend. I had to check around at a lot of places because the prices are way different but found one that is very affordable and doesn't count the parents in the guest count (limit of 25 children) even though they get to swim with the kids. We do cake/ice cream first in a party room, then they get to swim.

As all of his friends are turning three, we've been invited to a Little Monkey Bizness (playgym) party, Gymboree party, Soccer party and a few at homes - some with themes, some without. I love the idea of home parties but a late december birthday, small house and energetic kids doesn't work for me! I need to get them out!



answers from Portland on

How about the Old Fashioned birthday party, that doesn't cost much? Cake, Pin-the-Tail-On-The-Donkey, and some busy activities, like maybe little homemade books (construction paper cut in half lengthwise, fold in half and tie with yarn at spine or use a rubber band) with stickers and markers/crayons as the 'goody'. Set out a plate of cheese, crackers, carrots and celery and olives to snack on, and some bubbly water or milk. It sounds austere perhaps, but healthy snacks and less to-do is easier on/for everyone. We do this with the different children in our families (or play games outside-- punching balloons are a big hit, then) and everyone is happy.



answers from Charlotte on

Chuck E Cheeses, rent a bounce house in your backyard (but not if it's a winter birthday, obviously), Pump It Up (a bounce house facility, in case you are not familiar with it), a gymnastics place, hire a music teacher to come to your house and give the kids a music lesson, and an indoor playground/maze type of place.



answers from Lynchburg on

For my son's 3rd Birthday we did a Space theme. I ordered Space and Astronaut themed birthday supplies from birthday express, I think it was...
He is getting ready to turn 5 in February and he LOVES Lego's so we are having a Lego Party. If your son has a favorite cartoon like Diego, Spongebob, Toy Story, Etc, they would also be fun.



answers from Dallas on

I like a simple old-fashioned party with a craft, a few games, and cake and ice cream. The format is the same, but the theme can be different. A robot party, a circus-theme party, a character-based party. I go back and forth between the party places (like Pump It Up) and a party at home, and the home parties are just as much fun, if more work. Just to give you some ideas, for my daughter's second birthday, we had an Elmo party at home with Elmo-themed napkins, plates, cups, an Elmo cake, simple hats the kids could make and decorate out of construction paper, and pizza to eat. For her third, we went to Pump It Up. For her fourth, we had a princess and knight dress-up party at home with a jousting game, a cardboard castle, lots of dress-up costumes, pizza served on "silver" platters from the dollar store, and a castle cake. For her fifth, we went to a ballet studio for a ballerina party. For her 6th, we had a mermaid-theme party at home with pin the tail on the mermaid, quiet guessing games, a pinata, hot dogs, and a mermaid cake.

If you do a home-based party, have activities planned, alternate between busy and quiet activities, and let the meal and/or cake and gift unwrapping serve as a natural transition to the end of the party. And if you do a craft, that and a ring pop or a fancy cookie can serve as your party favors. Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

My daughter turned 3 last summer. We had it at Pump It Up. It was so easy!!! They take care of everything except the cake and you're able to relax. I would definitely do it again.

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